Deal Check - 2020 Range Rover Evoque S

Leaders, can you please review this deal I got from the dealer. I’m not impressed but I am not the expert so would love y’all’s input.

2020 Range Rover Evoque S
Lease 39 months, 12k per yr
Zip - 75034, Frisco TX

MSRP - $49,355
Discount offered - $6,000 (12.2% off MSRP)
Selling price - $43,355
MF - 0.00101
Residual 56%
Down payment - $3000
Incentives (I was told that is included in the discount, was not told the specific amount)

Here’s the latest info I got from Edmunds for the car -
MF - 0.00001
Residual - 56%
Dealer Lease Cash for S model - $2100

Link to the car - New 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque S 4 Door in Frisco #F201047 | Land Rover Frisco


As you can see - the MF is marked up a lot but they said that’s what they do business with, as well as the discount is not enough given this is a 2020 model and has been on the lot for over 4-5 months.

I don’t have the dealer lease sheet yet. Please let me know if I missed any information and I’ll update asap. Many thanks!

Additionally, please share deals that you know happened for this make and model so I can recalibrate my negotiating. Thanks!

What’s the payment and DAS quoted by the dealer?

After backing out the incentives and the marked up mf, this is under a 3% pre-incentive discount.

We actually didn’t discuss a DAS, because the deal seemed so off to me they said max discount we’ll do is $6k and payment was around $550 I believe

Exactly, given that this is a year old model, I was expecting aggressive discounts, but they were happy not to sell even when the car’s been on the lot over 4-5 months. 3% is nothing

Without knowing the das amount, the monthly payment is an irrelevant number.

If you want the car, but together an offer and tell them what you’re willing to pay.

You are correct, I believe the salesperson was going off of my $3000 down payment offer as DAS

Gotta be careful with that assumption. Sometimes “down” means cap cost reduction rather than das.

Yes sir! Hate to admit it but they kind off rushed me off the dealership saying that max discount they’d do is $6k, take it or leave. All the info I was able to get was after pushing for more numbers myself. Sorry for missing the exact DAS

Well, right now, your only good options are to either move on or make them an offer for what you think is a fair deal.

Will do! That’s why I was posting to inquire what do the experts consider a good deal I can get with these numbers and links, I will then send them my final offer.

Many thanks in advance!

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