Deal Check: 2020 Mini Countryman S All 4


I am working a deal with my local MINI dealer. I am $25/month off using the calculator vs what they are providing me and I am not able to find the difference. Expert hackers I’m sure you’ll see it right away. Also, 13% off of MSRP+Rebate seems decent to me. Anyone seeing better MINI deals out there? Thanks in advance for your input:

There’s no reason to assume buyrate MF if that’s what you’re doing.

But I can’t see because your calculator link is broken.

The MF is .00090 although it’s not listed on their sheet. You are correct that I am assuming this is what they are using as they verbally told me so. That could very well indeed be the missing link.

Speaking of link. Here’s my calculator

Marking up the MF by .00040 (which is BMWFS’ max I believe) in the calculator increased your payment from $370 to $395, which is coincidentally the $25/m discrepancy you were looking for.

I actually do see the MF listed on their sheet at .00090. Not sure if they are listing that but using something else in the background and increasing. The manual calculation is not hard and I come up with the same number as lease calculator. I asked the dealer and they said it’s all just plugged into the computer so theirs has to be right. ha ha I may not be brilliant but I’m not dumb either. Thank for responding.

I’ve got them down to 15% off MSRP so I feel like it’s a pretty solid deal, minus the MF kink we need to work out.

You’re welcome. Post pics once you get it.