DEAL CHECK 2020 Mercedes Benz C300

Good Morning!

I wanted to run this deal by you guys (first time leasing) & get your expertise.
2020 C300 4Matic , Premium package, AMG Package with Saddle Brown Interior
MSRP: 49,345
Discounted to 43,917
Lease includes 3 year prepaid maintenance.

Residual Amount: 28,350
Money Factor .00075
DAS : 3,702.00 (I live in NY taxes are upfront)
Monthly Payment 499$
36/12K miles
Is this a good deal or should I negotiate more?
Please let me know what you think!

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You should check with the brokers in your area they are offering better deals .

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I am in the market for a similar car. I live in NY. Did you end up taking this deal?

You want to pay effectively $600+ for a C300?

Hi’ no I didn’t. I actually ended up not getting the car but I haven’t found a better deal than this one

how to find brokers in my area. I am in NY