Deal check: 2020 MDX Tech AWD

Looking for a quick sanity check on this. Located in Maryland. MF 0.00225. Thanks in advance.

Check that money factor on Edmunds, it seems really high.

.00225 is fairly typical for Acura without loyalty. .00215 with.

Need the breakdown of incentives here. Acura tends to put big direct to dealer incentives on these.

Yeah for sure. With this .00225 MF there’s $8050 of incentives.

You’re right. It looks like there is an option for .00069 MF right now but less incentives (highest I saw was $4450 vs $8050 at .00225). The OP would have to try for a bigger pre-incentive discount at the lower MF and compare it to the lower discount with higher incentives and MF.

Why the MDX for this payment when it is such an aging design? Perhaps consider an XC90 if you want a premium 3 row SUV, better lease value. While not a premium brand, I’d say the Subaru Ascent is a better car and can be leased for cheaper…

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