Deal Check - 2020 M340i Courtesy Loaner Lease

I had a previous lease deal on this model at a different dealer that fell apart, so I am starting a negotiation at this dealer. Just wondering what you guys think? Here’s something that the dealer said via email when I asked about BMW covering 2 months of payments since I qualify for loyalty:

"I had my manager adjust it so that we are making the first two months, you will see that the payment has gone down due to the first payment not being rolled in and we will also cover the 2nd payment which is due in 30 days. Please see attachment for most updated numbers.

Since you want to do just drives I lowered the amount due at signing to 1384.00. Please let me know if this works so we can set up a time for you to come take delivery. All these numbers are based on a credit score over 700 and we must have BMW loyalty or everything falls apart."

I couldn’t get the LH calculator to match up exactly so I added $1000 to the down payment field, and the payment reflects their worksheet:


I feel the discount could be a little better as a former loaner and I am only looking to pay drive offs. I feel like the payment is very strong with tax included, just want to make sure I am not missing something! This is the first negotiation I have done on my own, that is prior to asking here just now.


The dealer didn’t do a damn thing. The 2 month payment thing is a lease loyalty incentive offered by BMW.

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That’s a huge pet peeve of mine. When dealers act as if the rebates are part of their deal. It’s like no, these are universal and every single dealership can offer it. That’s why I now always ask for percentage off MSRP before rebates


That’s sort of my thoughts as well - since they even said BMW is offering this incentive.

Looking at the sheet, all I can see is the ‘down payment’ went from 2000 to 1384… I just double checked the other sheet they sent me and the payment increased by 5 dollars after they stated they are ‘making the payments’.

If you qualify for loyalty, your first payment ($487.60) will be covered. The adjustment for the 2nd payment will reflect on your account next month. It’s not a $1k rebate.

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