Deal check: 2020 Lexus UX250h

I was originally looking to buy rav4 prime but it looks like it will be delayed.

So looking to lease something in the mean time.
I got a quote for ux 250h, but was not sure if I’m using the calculator right, as the 8.3years just seems ok (compared to the front page deal).

I can do $2000 (1st month included) drive off, 354 per month out the door including all your fees, tax, and dealer charges at 3 years/10k miles.

money factor is .00021


if anyone can provide insights, would be appreciated. thanks!


Have you confirmed RV/MF/incentives with Edmunds?

seems like the $1k lease bonus cash is already included

This deal seems a bit weak, as your effective payment if this was $0 drive off would be $415 according to your calculator. That seems to be NX territory. I got an NX this week at MSRP $47K for $434 with $0 DAS.

The MF/RV seem accurate so the issue may be that the 12.4% discount includes incentive. I would aim for 13-15% plus incentives. I say that only because a couple of the deals I’m seeing on here seem to get priced around there for monthly. I would search through the forum a bit more.

i’m not sure if I did my LH calculator correctly or not, but maybe this is a better one. Also I think hybrids have more discount in NE, I’m in CA, so not sure if that is why its a bit higher.

When talking about RV/MF/incentives from Edmunds, we are talking about the answer provided when you post in their forum asking for the specific information for the trim you want in your zip code. Anything else from their website is pretty much useless.

ah, thanks for the clarification.


.00021 and 56%
$1000 lease cash

Transfer into something like a 330e or 530e for anywhere between 6-30 months depending on your preference and what’s available.

The NX is the RAV4 sister, why r u going for the UX?

What are the deals for the 330e? Couldn’t find any for may/2020 only old ones from 2018/2019

I actually would like to have a Camry PHEV, but rav4 prime was the first one offered.
I saw the front page news for the ux250h for $285, which will be cheaper than leasing the Camry or RAV4 hybrid. if I’m paying the same price, why not get the Lexus?

I actually asked on edmunds and the incentives on the nx seems to be a bit better.

.00010 and 57%
$1500 lease cash


.00021 and 56%
$1000 lease cash

the dealer offered me $378 for the NX300h which is $22 more than the ux250h

Did you look at lease transfer postings?

yea saw one for $1xx that sold within the hour lol

330e was discontinued for 2019 and 2020 my iirc. It’s back for the 2021. There’s a 330e for 292/month in AZ. I’m excited for them to return and for the possibility of 330e loaners.