Deal check 2020 Leaf SV

I’m in Western NY and strongly considering a 2020 Leaf SV (non-Plus version). I can possibly get another $20/month off the below but probably not more.

36 months @ 10k/year $.10/mile overage = $280/month with 1st payment DAS, fully inclusive of TTL
24 months @ 12k/year $.10/mile overage = $310/month with 1st payment DAS, fully inclusive of TTL

My main thing is I’m looking for a hybrid or EV to absolutely dump miles onto over the next 2-3 years (mostly all very numerous short trips) and this fits the bill. I fully appreciate the mileage hit these take in the winter and it should be okay for me.

If I had Costco, I could get a Bolt for slightly less, but its mile overage is $.25/per instead of $.10, so it would mainly be a wash. Bolt of course is a quicker car but also smaller. I don’t have costco anyway :slight_smile:

This seems like a no brainer to me.

I’m surprised you were able to even find a Nissan Leaf, I didn’t know they even still existed :rofl:

You didn’t post all the deal specifics such as money factor, incentives, residual, pre incentive discount etc so it’s going to be tough for someone to analyze and break down the deal.

BUT realistically speaking, If you can get this 38K MSRP Leaf for $260 a month with zero out of pocket, what more recognition do you need? Deal is a killer deal.

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All I have is the main paper ad and have not gone into dealership but this is what the guy quoted me. The newspaper ad talks about a $36k msrp and $28,500 sale and $19,500 residual on the 24 month. The numbers don’t quite jive. NY EV rebate doesn’t work on 24 month. Nissan keeps the federal $7500.

This particular SV does have the all weather package as well.

The SV on is leasing for about $8k + TAx so Roughly $9k OTD for a 36m

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These are primarily useful as a substitute for toilet paper during supply shortages.

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Honestly the ads at this dealer are pretty good. I’ve used them in the past and they are not bait and switch, for what it’s worth. I’ve leased several cars through them.

So it looks like if I can get another $500 off I’d be at $9600 or so for a 36 month for an SV including all weather package. Seems fairly close to what @forbs just posted for a Leaf S.

As for @nyhacker 's question about what else am I looking for? I’m a cheap sonof a b. I just like to know I"m getting a great price. I think it is one, just wonder always if I can get a bit more somewhere :wink:

Check RODO. Mostlikly the number below doesn’t include $2k clean NY rebate. Cost nothing to check it. I know RODO doesn’t have great reputation but it might work in this case.

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Alrighty then. I pulled the trigger.

The dealership had in fact messed up on the ad, but I do believe it was a legitimate error because when we got to final signing they made me whole–and then some. Threw a bunch of miles at me and it worked out to them giving me almost a thousand extra beyond what we had agreed at the initial sale.

So we got a 2020 Leaf SV + all weather package, 24 month lease, 15,000/year with $.15 per mile over for $299/month with first payment due at signing. I actually don’t think they would sign the same deal, because the confusion was over the per/mile overage at the end. I was pretty surprised when they changed the paperwork for the extra miles but very pleased with it.