Deal Check: 2020 Kia Stinger GT Line (Blue)



Looking for a deal check on an offer, which i believe is good?

Offering me $20,500 for my 2018 Honda Accord Sport Lease ($18,300 payoff)

2020, Kia Stinger GT Line (Micro Blue Pearl)
MSRP: $ 37255
Sale Price: $36255
Monthly Payment: $ 393
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1000
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12
MF: .00179
Residual: 47
Incentives: 7450
Region: Central California

You’re getting almost no discount off msrp. You can do better there. Look at recent deals for that car on the forum.

Did you check carvana and vroom to see if they offered you more for your accord?

This is not a good deal.

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Carvana offered 19,200.

Should I ask for more off MSRP?

Did you look at recent deals on this car? Using the search function, I see multiple deals with a lot more discount than yours.

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You should stop talking to dealers about numbers at all until you have a very solid understanding of exactly what goes into a lease and what this should cost based on current lease terms and comparable deals.

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Great point. I’m going to come back with a $34,500 sale price.

Based on what?

Edmunds & Post’s on leasehacker.

7.5% pre-incentive seems awfully low to me from what I recall seeing on other stinger deals

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