Deal Check: 2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited AWD


Hey all, been in the market for a 6 seater replacement for my wife’s current lease ending this month. I started reaching out to Dealers a few weeks back. I believe I have a pretty solid deal considering the market and egregious markup some people are paying. She test drove the XC90 and couldn’t get the seat high enough to see over the hood (she’s 5’ even) so that was not an option. She didn’t want another Highlander Limited, as it’s very cramped in the third row and we have 3 boys age 15, 11, and 8.

This is certainly not a GREAT deal like some were seeing pre-COVID but, it took pitting 15 dealerships against one another to get to 5% off MSRP before incentives. I had 7 dealerships tell me “buy that vehicle from them” because they refused to match or beat this discount. So, not sure there’s any room left in this deal… It’s one of 17 2020 Steel Graphite Limited AWD’s w/Beige Interior left in the nation according to Hyundai’s corporate site. I expect to sign on Monday/Tuesday as they’re delivering the vehicle from out of state to us.

MSRP: $48,780
Selling Price: $46,280 (5.1% pre-incentives)
Lease Cash: $500
First Responder: $500
Lease Term: 36/15
MF: .00197 (buy rate)
RV: 59%
Fees: $250 Doc Fee. Acquisition Fee $650, Reg - $105.00
MI Tax Rate: 6%

Monthly: $640
DAS: Upfronts ~$1750

Calculator with everything broken out:

Holy crap. 7 dealerships to save $2500 off MSRP. How many hours (days??) of your life did that eat away? Was your first stop at MSRP or over?

Really didn’t take much time. I used a standard email to reach out to all dealers, and once I had one on the hook for discounts, I started sending another canned email with that deal sheet asking other to beat it. All in, probably spent 5 hours over the last 3 weeks maybe?

Man, it should really take 30 minutes in one day. Not 5 hours spread across 3 weeks. I have a few dozen Palisades in stock in NY/NJ metro area and should hopefully be set up for nationwide shipping in the next ~2 weeks.

Thank you for this data point! Maybe if I can do MSRP deals including free shipping anywhere in the US I can get some of this nasty dealer markup on these to start going away nationwide. Your deal should have been easy, not requiring 7 dealers and 3 weeks of followup. It’s absurd what these dealers are getting away with. Kudos to you for putting in the work!

Your absolutely right. One dealer I emailed showed a $5500 markup over MSRP on the deal they presented me. I couldn’t help but laugh. But there’s literally only 3 Kia dealers within 150 miles of me, and they can’t seem to keep the Palisade Limited AWD for more than a week or two. So I had to reach out to dealers outside of that radius to get this done. They’re delivering, so it makes no difference to me.

We considered the XC90 as I mentioned, but also the Land Rover Discovery Landmark ( I worked a decent deal on one for $744 a month with upfronts and 1st payment at signing, not a demo) but it lacked some features the Palisade had at $15K higher MSRP. So I passed on it.

Also don’t forget about

Post-sale rebate

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5% pre-incentive on a limited isn’t the best deal ever, but it’s by no means bad. 21s are hitting the market and the limiteds are losing features (that are going to the more expensive calligraphy trim). The 20 limited is definitely a better value

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When I was shopping got my wife’s Palisade back in January I had a terrible time with the first two dealers. The first one marked up the car $7500 and then gave me a $5000 discount. He was offended I didn’t think that was awesome. The second dealer I worked a deal with discounted the car $3000. When I went in to sign the deal (an hour away) they said the car was sold the day before I originally called them.

I called a third dealer even further from my my house from the parking lot of the second dealer. Told them what I wanted to do and told them I would pick it up in an hour if they would do $3500. I was driving it home about 3 hours later.


According to the folks on the palisade forums, MSRP seems to be the celebration point…lol. Apparently most of those folks are not leasehackrs.

I’ve gotten into many an argument with folks about pricing in the Palisade forums.

There are two groups there… The handful that actually deal hunt and the others that listen to the dealers that want them to pay over MSRP. There’s a bunch that have got 7-10% off pre-incentive though, including on limiteds.

Don’t get me started on the arguments there over the concept of a “pre-incentive” discount…

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