Deal check: 2020 Honda Passport AWD EX-L


Looking to see if this is a good deal. Dealer located in 14051 offering 15k/39 months for 430 with nothing down. MF they are using is .0014 and the residual is 63%. Thank you

Sounds high, but you’ll need to work out the lease details to really determine if it is

I thought the same. What monthly payment do you think would be reasonable for a straight deal with nothing down?

Beats me. You need to run through the math based on the lease programs as they apply to you, etc, to determine that.

We are much more capable of evaluating the deal if you have the individual parts; how much pre-incentive discount is, what is buy rate, what add ons are being included, etc

No one even knows how much you’re paying for taxes and gov fees, and how much you’re paying Honda

May i suggest you take a look at the 2021 Pilot EXL instead of the Passport. Much better value and depending on your area, pricing maybe better than passport.

MSRP is 39530
Selling price is 38,839.96
Residual is 63 percent
Buyout is 24,903
Sales tax is 8.75 percent
MF is .00114
39 month/ 15k
This is in Western New York 14051

This is a very poor discount

ok so basically they are selling it to you at list.

Passports are a bit hard to get a deal on, that’s why people were saying ‘Pilot’. For around the same price locally a Pilot Special Edition 2021 Is going for around that.

I haven’t really found that to be the case. Terms on the pilot may be better, but there’s no shortage of dealers willing to negotiate on the passport.

Then I guess only the people who can’t get a deal on the Passport are posting here :slight_smile:

I’m looking at recent posts / requests about Passports and everyone is posting at List

Plenty of dealers I know are willing to do invoice minus holdback and a few hundred in central PA on 20s and invoice minus holdback on 21s (they won’t sell OOS though).

I’m sure it’s replicable elsewhere, just put the effort into finding someone willing to do that deal or hire a broker.

People need to stop asking the dealer how much the dealer wants them to pay


Then we wouldn’t need a wonderful board like LeaseHackr right?

No, then we’d actually use a board like LH as the resource it is to understand what we should be paying rather than what the dealer wants us to pay.


Is there really that much 2020 inventory left though ?

It’s a honda… Not like you have to sort through a bunch of inventory to find what you want. Right color? Right trim? There you go

2020 Pilots were gone in my region back in August bud. 2020 Passports like mid to end of October. Model year would be more important to get a good deal at the moment.

Fair enough. If there’s none at all around, there’s obviously not much you can do.

There’s still 120 20s within 40 miles of DC in the DMV region, and a handful up in CPA, but yes you are right.