Deal Check: 2020 Grand Cherokee Altitude

Hi everyone. Just wondering if you guys can provide some input on this recent offer I received.

2020 GC Altitude 4x4 black w/ premium light package.
Sale price-$36,617.00
42 months 12k
$0 down-$448
$1,000 down-$421
Residual: 50% 23,005
MF: 0.00016
Zip Code: 17901

I am not sure if prices include tax/fees. I believe they do but I could be wrong. I am also not a fan of the 42 mo lease so

Thanks guys

42 months for a Jeep sucks.

Knowing if the taxes and fees are included in that price or not is a HUGE factor.

So I’ll get those two handled before anything else.

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A Chrysler out of warranty is a really, really, really, bad idea.

36 months maximum.

yeah I was not a fan of that mile/month split