Deal Check 2020 GMC Sierra Elevation 36M/15K


My 2017 GMC Sierra was stolen last Friday so I’m looking for a new truck. This is what I was sent from a dealer.

2020 Sierra Elevation with 2.7 Turbo, Elevation Value Package, Driver Alert 1, And MultiPro Tailgate.

MSRP : 45,645
Sell Price : $41,880
Doc Fee: $495
Acq Fee $695
Texas Sales Tax - $2853 (Dealer Says Promo for Waived Taxes)

Incentives: $1,500 Lease Loyalty
$500 Lease Cash

Net Cap Cost : $41,325
Residual 60%
Residual Value : $26,765

36 mos 15K miles / year

Drive off amount and monthly (including tax): $503.85

Edmunds says RV: 60% and MF: 00046%

I’m doing every thing over phone and email because no local dealerships have the one I want. I searched for other Sierra deals but it looks like the last one on here was in March and before that December. So don’t have much to go on.

Salesperson didn’t know what I meant when I asked about MF said he would get it for me. Waiting to here back. He did say the waiver for taxes was only for March, April, and May. Not sure if that is true or not either.

When I use the LH Calculator it shows payment should be $462 with Tax and $434 without tax. If the dealer is waiving taxes should I really be expecting the $434?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

If you post your calculator, we can help make sure it’s filled out correctly

Not sure if I put the incentives in the right place.

Nope, post-sale rebates rarely apply. There’s a great (if I may say so myself) FAQ that talks about how to fill out the calculator that’ll help out.

You’ve removed a bunch of the fees as well.

Also, this looks like a demo/loaner, so I’d expect a lot more in the discount department.

I read the LH Calc FAQs so the incentives and the fees should be in the right spot now. The calculator is showing a payment of $398 before tax and $422 after.

I also didn’t see a designated spot for the “ancillary/other” fee so I just put it in dealer fees spot.

So if everything is correct and they give me the MF that I got from Edmunds then I should expect to pay $398 if they are indeed giving me the tax credit? Is that correct?

You have to match the due at sale/drive off amount as well.

It looks like there is a residual value knock down for the loaner status too.

With the RV corrected and the das adjusted to only first month’s payment, you’re at $437 /mo before tax and gov fees, so I’m guessing a big MF markup