Deal Check - 2020 GLB 250 Loaner AWD

Hi All - was unable to find a sweet deal on an E-tron so I may go with the below deal in the PNW region. I have not heard anything about the GLB cars. Anyone have any experience with them? Anyone know if I have more wiggle room with loaners? (Below is a 15% discount).

GLB250 4MATIC Loaner w/ 3K miles
MSRP: 47,135
Selling Price: 39,995 (15.1% discount from MSRP)
Terms: 36 months, 10,00 miles
Residual: 60%
MF: .00117 (.00047 after max 10 MSDs of $4,500)
DAS: $2,348
Monthly payment w/o tax: $357

Calc link:

10%/11% on a new unit is about as good as you can do so 15% on a loaner is good. Maybe you can push for another percent but I don’t think there is much meat left on the bone.

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