Deal Check 2020 CLA 250

Hi Guys,
What do you think of this deal?

2020 CLA 250 for 12k miles at 36months in Miami Florida
MSRP $40,535
Monthly payments: $355
DAS $5,400 (which includes $2,000 Multiple Security Deposit)
Qualified incentives: $0
(I will post the Residual Value and Money Factor as soon as I get a response from Edmounds)

Below is the breakdown:

1st Month Payment 354.36
Security Deposit $2,000
Fees and Insurance, $415
Upfront Taxes $176.41
Cap Reduction (cash) $2,453.73
Total Inception Fees $5,400

Term 36
Total Payment 331.18
Purchase option 23,660.30
MSRP $40,535
EST. Miles Per Year 12,000
Disposition Fee 595
Excess Mileage charge 0.25

You need to provide more details for people to evaluate your deal.
Discount before incentives
Incentives you qualify for
Acq fee inflated or not
Dealer fees
Break down of your DAS

You’re not going to get a good lease on a CLA. This is C300 payment territory

Thank you Boardwalk NJ, and Batistuta.

The dealership gave me a new option if I added more MSD.

1st Month Payment 348
Security Deposit $2,800
Fees & insurance 415.50
Upfront Taxes 170.26
Cap Reduction (Cash) 2,365.89
Total Inception fees 6,100.00

Total Cash Required on Delivery 6,100.00

Then after some more manipulation of numbers, I was given this… I don’t know if the cap reduction change was meant to be for a vehicle trade in (Sorry for my rookie approach)

What’s your trade in? Is it really worth $1000?

The discount is still missing on the sheet.

@Batistuta thanks for your response. Is it this page? The dealership is auto - nation


I think this is what they are giving you if I did the reverse calculation correct.
Your MF should be 0.00088 if this car is FWD. Your RV should be 58% for 12k and there is $500 lease support.

Compare your deal with what others posted in the forum. I would lease a C300 or 330i with RWD if I were you.

The calculator below is for the advertised deal on MBUSA com

Why are they charging you a 799 service fee? I thought this was an autonation dealership? Is it a broker?

@dratini it is an autonation dealership.
Should the $799 dealership fee not exist?

Thank you again @Batistuta

I am still a bit confused. So should I ask them to offer the price based on the leasehackr calculation with the advertised deal from

Is the ad for the MBUSA ad for 2020 or 2019?

I tried negotiating the 2020 330i with BMW and did not even come close, thus had to settle with the CLA as the next best option

But that also doesnt mean they don’t exist. Lol. If you look hard enough, you can always find a dealer or broker that will beat a deal.

@dratini, thanks. I have texted him and waiting for a response. I wonder if he services south Florida though… I also see from his ad’s that his deals are mostly for 10k miles.

Reach out to @Bacons_C.C for FL BMW deals and @mani_is_kool for MB deals. Omega is in CA so it won’t be helpful for you.

You can ignore the MBUSA calculator I posted. I just posted that for reference, don’t ask the dealer to match it, it’s not a good deal anyway.

@Batistuta, thanks. I will reach out to them.

One final question about this deal.

With reference to the numbers provided, in your opinion what will be the best numbers to ask the dealer to match for this to be a good deal?

I am expecting their call tomorrow…

@Batistuta very true! Totally missed him being located in Florida.

What’s the car you are trading in? I have a feeling that they are lowballing you.

A 2007 Honda Accord. But I have decided to sell it myself. I have a couple of people offering a lot more.

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Great decision.

@Batistuta What should I ask them to offer based on the numbers and without the trade-in?