Deal Check: 2020 Cadillac XT4 Sport FWD Update: Walked away from deal

I’d love some feedback, TIA!

MSRP: $52,985
Purchase: $47,741
MF: .00005
Res: 51%

$0 Down
Drive-Off: $1,898 (1st month, Gov, Doc)

Monthly: $597 plus tax

I can’t seem to get super excited and I guess it’s just because the residual isn’t great. Thanks for your input!

Tons of other SUVs can be leased for less.

Somehow I feel this is like xt5 range. Do you have to have xt4? You can do better with the selling price.

Thanks for the feedback. I walked away from the deal and am now exploring other options. The poor residual and the dealer initially way marking up the MF left a bad taste in my mouth.

Understandably. I feel like you could get nicely optioned Q5/X3/GLC/CX60 for that much? Bigger cars, yes, but if the increased size isn’t a problem for you…

I was given an xt5 loaner for a week, it has the driving personality of a school bus. Even the brakes were mushy. The xt4, while smaller, seems to be a tighter, polished vehicle. The xt5 felt tired to me, yeah it’s had a few refresh cycles. But still.

The XT5 has gotten pretty poor review from the car mags, so your experience sounds about right…

Cadillac lease programs for January, not good. XT5 for example was over $100 less in November. Check again in Feb if you like the car and can wait

no wonder no body wants to touch Cadi