Deal Check - 2020 BMW X5M Competition

Looking for thoughts on this offer for a 2020 X5MC that’s been on the lot for 200+ days:

How much more can I push?

That looks very solid. Low dealer fee, I think buy rate and a solid discount. Did you confirm MF and incentives?

Fun car to drive 15k/year.

You can do anything you’d like to. The residual is your enemy here.

I’m not sure how much grinding you’ve done already, but it’s almost month- and year-end, you could counter with 12% discount and say that’s what it will take to earn your business right away.

Asking for another 4 g’s off seems unrealistic.

So come up with your number, make the offer and say you’ve got your credit card in your hand to pay the das if they accept.

If they don’t, know ahead of time if you’d accept “splitting the difference” on your best offer and theirs.

And then pick up the car and post pics. I hope it’s marina bay blue.

I’ll be in the market for an X5M in about 2 months, once my lease is close to being up.

This deal looks good and I’d personally take it, but at 10K a year and not 15K since I wouldn’t need that much.

11%+ is solid for the M5C. You can try for another %, but should be happy with where you’re at.

Check that the incentive are applied correctly in your calculator - I believe it should be taxed in your region.

I’ve got 10.5% off on a 2021 X5 right now in NorCal. You should surely try to ask for 15% “I’ll sign right away” discount to see if they need that for their month/year end numbers. It’s a high MSRP car and an older model year which has few remaining months of lease support in your favor. Anchor the negotiations there and see what they say.

% target doesn’t vary that much with model year. Lease support does.


MBB and the blacked out x5m grille are a solid combo. Gorgeous.

Are you including Ultimate Care to cover you for the 40k service? Otherwise you’ll be due anything over 36k miles. This product: BMW Service

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I don’t want to poke the bear and cause another great debate about MSDs but…

Do you have the option to capitalize all fees? First month DAS?

If so, take your 3k up front and you can add 7000 cash for a total of roughly 10k in MSDs that will save you roughly 2400 over the term.

we all know you’re not gonna actually do that though. just be honest and say you don’t have the cash to do MSD right now lol


Here we go again…

It’s really an additional 7k… just sayin

The MSD’s effective rate of return here is higher than the inflation adjusted annual average for the s&p500, but is also essentially risk fee.

I certainly wouldn’t be counting on the market right now to outpace average either.

With that said, if you have a higher return place to put your money that satisfies your risk tolerance, by all means, you do you. Just be realistic about what you’re walking away from. Lower average return, taxed, higher risk investments are a poor substitution for higher average return, untaxed, low risk investments.

if you can afford to dish out 55K over 3 years for a vehicle, you can afford to avoid some good advice too

MSDs aside, it looks like from the people that would know, you got a good deal, good discount, no markup, no excess fees.

pull the trigger and enjoy the beast!