Deal Check: 2020 BMW X3M Competition


Hi all. I’ve been lurking for months here, and finally decided to go after the apple of my eye. I realize I missed all the great year-end deals on these things, but I’ve been having a helluva time in the Atlanta area finding something comparable to what I want. I’ll try to post a link to the calculator, but it never shows correctly on my PC.

This dealer hasn’t given me the runaround and was up front about agreeing to most of my terms. We’re stalling out on the discount %. I originally asked for 11.5% (after getting the BEST dealer quotes at 4.6% in multiple markets) and they’re countering at 10%. Should I try to get them to meet me half way, or this deal in line with what’s currently available this time of year? Thanks for any and all input! I plan on making a final decision first thing in the morning.

I think u are on the lower end of a good deal. Some brokers on here show 12 percent discount. But paying them 500 or so for it negates about half ur savings there. Honestly I’d shoot for 11 percent

tell them to call you at the end of the month if they want a quick & easy sale and will go to 11%.

these things are not selling well nationally
let them do at least 11 % in particular if the had the car for a while
I think they will accept because in couple of months , they have to give 14-15 % off to move these things in particular in the south where demand for sport SUV is not as high as other parts of the country

Surprised to hear you say this…heard x3m was supppsed to be the top selling m car. Hoping when m3 comes out even more discount!

look at auto trader, there is a bunch of them I think 1400 nationwide which is a lot of cars
also talking to couple of dealers around me
also they started production March last year so it is already a year of production and they might shift to 2021 soon ,

Closer to 1600 nationwide actually.

I’ve been watching this car since December and I still haven’t pulled the trigger because I think prices could come down even more. Not only are the 2020’s not moving, but iDrive 7 will be standard on all X3 M’s starting in April so the new tech may push the price on 2020’s down even more. Although if you read the bmw forums many people are freaking out about iDrive 7 and hate how it looks… who knows.

Also, to OP, just be aware of the spare vs mobility kit difference with regards to trunk space. The spare takes away a decent amount of the trunk’s storage due to the elevated floor to make room for the spare AND when the back seats are put down to make more cargo room it’s not perfectly flat, there is a bit of a ledge between the flattened rear seats and the trunk flooring. You have to decide between spare or trunk space and then, if you choose trunk space, find one on the lot. Expect a confused look or two as some dealers don’t know about this difference (at least in my experience). Good luck in your search and I hope you get an amazing deal on your new ride!