Deal Check: 2020 BMW X3 Loaner


Need some quick advice on this deal - salesman is running circles around me in terms of drive off so trying to understand if I’m getting a good deal here and advice if not:

2020 X3 sDrive
Convenience Package
Driving Assistance Plus Package
MSRP: $45,495
Discounted Price: $39,999
Drive Off: $3,000
Monthly Payment: $444 w/ tax

He’s taking care of last payment on my currently leased X1.

Your actual drive offs are 1947, but he’s having you put up 3k which means the rest is cap cost reduction.

But the biggest problem is you’re getting barely over 12% off on a loaner. You don’t need the 23% unicorn someone posted recently (granted that was a MY2019), but they need to do better. Also you need to confirm the MF they’re using.

As is I wouldn’t sign this deal.

No he’s not, they’re rolling it into this lease.

Do this in July or whenever your lease is up.

You’re just saying that from experience or see it in the numbers? Can you point out to me so I can call him out on it? This is best deal I’ve seen in the past month so don’t want to miss it in July if that’s going to be a problem…

The numbers back out to .00158, so fully marked up

Because there’s no BMWFS pull ahead. It’ll be in the lease contract. Unless the salesman is paying it out of his own pocket?

How is this the best deal you’ve seen? Looks like hot garbage to me and its a super base model demo. Probably tons of them on swapalease right now for way less.

This is very not good. If this is the best you’ve seen lately, it’s time to start casting a much larger net.

Paltry discount, max MF. Definitely a hard no.

Idk what mystery region you’re in but nyclife has a $55k one listed for less:

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He’s in California, 85 doc fee and 9.5 tax, maybe even my neck of the woods in SoCal.

Appreciate the feedback, because this guy is hassling me. I’m in LA and would love to find the right deal if anyone on here knows who I should talk to.

Have you talked to @BMW_Dave?

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@BMW_Dave might not have a x3 loaner, but if you want the guy to stop bothering you, tell him you’ll come in and sign if he can give 18% preincentive, base MF, and only drive offs on signing.

That’ll shut him up :sweat_smile:

LA? Wow… tons of options, look in the Marketplace. Also, with 20 dealers in a 50-mile radius, you have a lot of options. Your challenge may be one of inventory.

Wouldn’t be hard to get into a new one for cheaper.

True, I don’t think 12% off new is unreasonable. But who knows, I don’t know the inventory of this specific car in SoCal. @BMW_Dave would know better.

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Doesn’t need to be 12% new. This is “12%”, with a fully marked up MF and a mileage penalty on the RV. A new one at ~8% would be equivalent

LA? You’re in luck, Third for @BMW_Dave he’s really cool. @BMWDavid is awesome as well, he has a nationwide network. This deal kind of sucks for a loaner, might just be spoiled from LH.

Check the marketplace.

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Sending you PM now…


Thanks for the mention @mllcb42!