Deal Check 2020 BMW X1 Demo


First time leasing and it’s been a struggle to get any real quotes via email. A local dealer has offered me this without any negotiation on a 2020 BMW X1 xDrive28i AWD demo with about 900 miles. Residual 59% MF .00128. Seems to be a good start unless I’m missing something?

MSRP: $41,845
Discount: $3,166
Rebate: $2,750 (loyalty + lease cash)
Adjusted Price: $35,929
Fees $45
Monthly payment for 36/10: $417.75 ($39 of which is tax)

Good name, but terrible deal. This is a bad deal on a new one, let alone a loaner.

Granted it is a low mile loaner, you should be targeting 15% off before incentives and buy rate on the MF (.00128) You should be able to do 10-12% on a new unit, which you haven’t been able to achieve here.