Deal Check: 2020 BMW 330i xdrive

Can you guys help me vet this deal please?

My lease is ending next week and I’m talking to a few dealers around options for a BMW 330i xdrive 2020 lease.

MF: .00118
Residual: 60%
Zip Code: 10014

All vehicles have at least the premium package bundle and leather seats. I have a $2,750 credit applied (lease trade in and loyalty) and will be putting $0 down at signing (outside of taxes, 1st month, and drive off fees).

MSRP: $52,250
Adjusted CAP: $45,000
Monthly Cost w/ tax assuming $0 down: $469 a month

BMW 2 - same car but demo w/ 3K miles on it
MSRP: $51,060
Adjusted CAP: $41,020 (was listed at $44,495 online due to being a demo)
Monthly Cost w/ tax assuming $0 down: $395 a month

MSRP: $51,145
Adjusted CAP: $44,048
Monthly Cost w/ tax assuming $0 down: $459 a month

What are the selling prices on all of those before the incentives/equity?

Thanks for the quick reply. I believe its just the adjusted CAP + the $2,750 credit.





Sometimes adjusted cap has fees and such in it, so wasn’t sure.

That puts you at 8.6% on the first, 14.3% on the loaner, and 8.5% I’m the third.

All are a bit on the lower side.

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What range would you consider solid with discounts? The numbers looked good on Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds (all in their “great” range). But I wasn’t sure if that was correct.

And also to clarify, I’m paying for taxes and fees etc. upfront (so not true $0).

10-12 on a new unit and 16-18 on a loaner


Thank you. So it sounds like I should be pushing for a discount of 10-12% off MSRP on a new vehicle and then stack the $2,750 credit on top of that.

So on my BMW 1 this is the deal to work for?
MSRP - $52,250
Adjusted Cap - $43,250
Monthly cost - $418 a month, no taxes

Why don’t you take the loaner? Much higher total discount and lower monthly.
I kinda disagree with others, 10-12% on new is fine but times are different, no new inventory coming in, might be tough to get there.


Check the marketplace on your region and you can see what brokers are offering for that model . You can reach to them to make a deal or use is as base for your negotiation

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I reached back out on the recent offers I had to see if anyone was willing to get up to 12-13% off MSRP in hops I at least land in the 10% off range.

I will be sure to check the marketplace as well. Thank you all!

11% is the max a dealer has on a new BMW. Going anything higher means they are going in the red. Do-able, usually on aged inventory or if they need to hit numbers for the month etc.


Thank you! Any idea what the max % off would be on a loaner lease. Same exact build and year, just with 2-3K miles on it.

My rule of thumb is 10% + 1% for every 500 miles on the odometer. For a 3k loaner, maybe a 16% is a good target. Again, market is scarce, so your luck may vary.


Thank you for the help!

I just closed on a 2020 330i xdrive today.

MSRP was 54,705
Sale price: 46,487

  • around a 15% reduction (it is a loaner vehicle with 4900 miles)
    rebate: 3,750
    DAS: 0 (traded in car for 14k (owe 9.8k)
    residual: 60%
    mf: .00087 (with 7 MSD)

36/10 yr $326/month

Good to know. I’m down to two options…

BMW1 (perfect match)
MSRP: $51,145
Sales Price: $46,532
Rebate: $2,750
Final price per month: $452 (will ask to be under at $449)
Notes: only tax and fees due at signing ($3,500) - They had to move the car to the facility if I lease so there is an extra $500 fee factored into that monthly cost. So getting a 9% discount off MSRP & 10% discount off MSRP & $500 fee.

BMW2 Loaner (not in the color scheme we wanted - but not bad either - 3K miles on it)
MSRP: $51,060
Adjusted CAP: $41,020 (was listed at $44,495 online due to being a demo)
Monthly Cost w/ tax assuming $0 down: $395 a month
Notes: $3,269 in taxes and fees paid up front

Going to be a difficult decision

Is it worth $50 to be in the “perfect match”?

I don’t see any difference between these options from the first post and now. You need to build the deal based on the information available. With reduced inventory, however, don’t expect February-March discounts on new cars. Maybe on a loaner, but it would require a bit of negotiation.

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Did you check with the brokers in your area to see if they can beat those deals

Conclusion - I ended up jumping on my original BMW 1. I think if I held out another week I could have shaved off another $15 a month maybe but it seemed that most BMW dealers in the area were very low on inventory and expected to dry up on supply early before 2021’s are available (take that with a grain of salt from the dealer - most other dealers laughed and said getting to $440 was at family deal level).

In the future, I think I will start looking early for loaner deal offers as those were really solid offers and hold out for the final Saturday of the month.

Final Deal on BMW 1
MSRP: $52,250
Sales Price: $46,725 (10.6% off MSRP)
Rebates: $2,750 (loyalty and lease credit)
Price per month not including NYC Tax: $440

36/10K -> Very happy with the car (exact build we wanted) and man this generation of 3 series is a serious uplift from the previous generation. Thank you all for the help.