Deal Check (2020 BMW 330i) / How to negotiate


Hi everybody, I am in the market for my fiance and we were looking at a BMW 330i yesterday.
The dealership has an ex loaner with the specs that she likes, and they gave me some numbers to think about.

Location Texas
MSRP $49,545
Savings and rebates ($7,254)
Adjusted price $42,291

With an annual milage of 10k, they are saying a $588 per month payment with $2,000 down. At first glance on this, I can’t help but feel that this is way over priced? I have a colleague who mentioned he got a 2020 X4 last year for $0 drive off and $450 a month payment?

As we got there late, we did not want to spend time negotiating and are going back tomorrow for test drives and to look at an X4 also.

With that being said, what do you guys think of the above price. How much do you think realistically this car should be, but then what approach should I be taking when we go for the test drive if she likes the car?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Yikes…i’m guessing that’s 36 months?

Yes, 36 months. I am guessing you also think that this is outrageous?

You shouldn’t compare a 330’s leasing programs to an X4. Leasing programs vary from model to model, even within the trims of a single model they can vary wildly.

With that said, can you get the full lease sheet and lease numbers from the dealer to see what they are charging you?

Impossible to tell from what you’ve provided us.

We need the residual value, the money factor, manufacturer incentives, dealer discount before incentives, government fees, and any add ons.

In Texas you’ll be paying the full sales tax on the vehicle and not just the amount leased, so that’s working against you.

Highly recommend you look at Brokers providing services to Texas residents. You can find them in the “Marketplace” section of this forum.

@IAC is your best bet.


You’re setting yourself up for failure with this approach. Do not talk numbers on the car until you know exactly what it should cost and what your target price is. You need to do the legwork first so that you enter in to any negotiations prepared. That means finding the lease terms as they apply to your situation, researching comparable deals to develop a target discount amount, and working through the math to figure out what that all means.

If you ever find yourself with a dealer offer in front of you asking yourself “is this a good deal?”, you have gotten way ahead of yourself.

Also, I would seriously reconsider negotiating the deal in person at all.


Thank you very much for the advice.

So you would advise negotiating over email, and I should ask for items such as the residual value, the money factor and any other incentives?

Thank you very much for your response. I have a quote sheet from them, but it doesn’t list money factor and residual value. It has the MSRP, some savings and rebates, the total purchase price, tax, documentation fee, license fee, acquisition fee, title fee, which get’s me to the “balance”.

If I ask for the money factor and the residual value, they should give me this, right?

They should 100% give you the money factor and residual value. It does not mean the money factor they provide is the best money factor.

To find out base money factor and confirm the RV, you need to go to the Edmunds forums and look for the 2020 BMW 330 Lease threads. Ask for the correct money factor and RV and incentives for your zip code on that forum. They’ll provide it.

You have to compare what the dealership is giving you versus what the numbers really are.

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Thank you - I just emailed the sales guy and will report back once I have an answer.

They actually just responded with an MF of 0.00138 and residual value of 58%

The MF is not base

What does that mean, that they are inflating the MF to me and therefore increasing my “APR”? Do you know what the base is?

Looks like MF is marked up max. Check with Edmunds to confirm exactly what the numbers are for you.

Thanks Stinger - Just post on the Edmunds forum and ask for somebody who can tell me what the base is?

Safe to say the base MF is now 0.00098 given that the max markup is 0.0004. RV is probably still 58%, but you want that to be confirmed. Lease credit may have changed as well.

MF for is .00082 you should target at least 10% off before incentives with base MF

I would highly recommend you stop talking to dealers all together until after you spend some time working through the leasing101 and researching.

Talking to dealers is the absolute last step in the process. Get your ducks in a row first.