Deal Check: 2020 BMW 228i xDrive (loaner) $395/mo. $395 DAS

Can someone please assist me in figuring out how the dealer is getting this number? I have attached the lease agreement quote.

This seems like a decent deal, but I can’t see how they are getting there. I was able to input the numbers into the calculator for my 2018 330i and was spot on.

MSRP: 41,895
Selling Price: 36,700
Term: 36m/12k
Residual: 58%
MF: 0.00099
Incentives: 3,000 (Loyalty, Lease cash, USAA)
Acq Fee: 925
Dealer Fee: 300
Gov Fee: 326

Monthly: $395
DAS: $395

Sheet says your DAS is first month not $0 btw. (At least that’s what I understood)

Don’t forget to adjust your tax rate.

I updated the DAS and MSRP. The MSRP is $41,895, not 42,895. That changes things a bit

There is about $570 difference. Did you ask the dealer about it?

I did not ask because it seems like the $570 is in my favor. Should I?

I would make sure the deal is $395 DAS and $395 monthly before driving to the dealership but it’s up to you of course.

How does a 330ix loaner compare to this in price? The driving experience will be very different since this car is FWD based unlike your RWD based F30.