Deal Check - 2020 - Audi SQ5

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Hey - Based in the Bay Area. I’ve been lurking on the forum for sometime before registering and posting my first topic. This is a great community! Here’s a deal I’m considering this week

Model: 2020 Audi SQ5 Premium+
MSRP: 60,395
Pre-incentive sale discount: 11% (with Costco)
Rebates: $750 (lease cash)
Residual: 59% w/audicare
Mileage: 3yr/10k
MF: .00058 (butyrate)
MSDs: 9
DAS: $1600 (acquisition, first month, doc fee, license and reg less the $750 lease cash)
Monthly: $589 /month
Lease calc:

Note on calc: the dealer is saying 633 / month with all these terms but I am assuming he didn’t correctly incorporate msds. Let me know if you see anything missing on my calc. I rolled the 999 audicare in to dealer fees.

Thoughts? I know this isn’t particularly stellar (just 1% contribution from dealer) but 11% seems to be about the max dealers are willing to do with the buy rate mf.

From my standpoint, I don’t need to make a move immediately (2 months remaining on current lease) but a few things have me considering pulling trigger now:

  • Costco program going away next month - I know this will get replaced w/other discounts but seems unlikely given current environment that dealers would go beyond 11% discount and residuals seem to be at a high right now?
  • there aren’t many low option 2020 premium + builds remaining in my area - this hits sweet spot of what I need for the price. I imagine when ‘21s come in they won’t be had at same discount?
  • I’m going to have to deal with stuff in November and would prefer not to be negotiating leases. It also doesn’t seem that w/lower inventory in this segment holiday deals wont be what they used to be

What are folks thoughts here? Decent deal? Am I rushing this given I’ve got time remaining on my current lease?

Most dealers that are honoring Costco won’t do anything above the 10%, so if you’re at 11% at base MF I’d say it’s a great deal.


Agreed with Jeff. Best I was able to do in WA state (take with a grain of salt bc WA dealers aren’t known for giving good discounts) was 10% and nothing above that. You’ll see it in my post history

I’d still say talk to one of the couple of Audi dealers/brokers from CA here, maybe theycan do better

Buy rate and a solid discount, I would take it while it’s available.

Take it. Some dealers won’t even honor Costco, you get 11% and you’re in a good place if there are no adds.

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Thanks all for thoughts. From what I could see in Audi deal research I don’t see many (if any) deals posted in 12%+ range. If I was able to get a broker to squeeze another percent that would be pretty much a wash when adding in broker fee right?

Curious what folks think on speculative front… ending Costco discount, lowish inventory on 20s, high residual month = unlikely to do much better in November on discounts + incentives?

The other positive I’m thinking of here is that there are limited low msrp premium+ which (for me) makes this a more appealing option.

Trying to gut check that I’m not rushing here if there are 2 months before I need to get in a new car.

Broker fees vary from Peanuts to way more than you’d be saving. you want to spend that money for an extra 600 bucks?


Agreed. Those were my thoughts.

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