Deal Check: 2020 Audi S4 Premium Plus, $596/month; Mandatory dealer add-on?

Hackers, just seeking your opinion on the deal below. The number’s themselves they’ve offered aren’t terrible on the surface, coming to $571/month without loyalty and zero MSD’s.

However they are forcing me into a non-optional $700 dealer-installed Ibex/3M paint protection option, pulling the monthly up to $596 all-in (taxes included). I’m not sure if all Audi dealers require this, or if this is specific to the dealer I’m negotiating with. Can anyone confirm?

They’re giving me 9% off MSRP, since I don’t qualify for the Costco, and I’m not sure if dealers right now can are even willing to go above the $10% anyway given the current economic market.

2020 S4 Premium Plus
MSRP: 56,295
Sale Price: 49,228 (9% off MSRP + $2,000 lease cash)
Buy rate MF: .00071, 57% residual (confirmed by Edmunds)
Up front costs: $2,419 (taxes, doc fees, acquisition, first month. No cap cost reduction)

Leasehackr Calculator

Specific to each Dealer.
There are 4 Toyota dealers near me and each one has a set of ‘dealer installed’ items that they won’t remove.
There’s a 5th who doesn’t have those, and guess who I bought a Toyota from a while ago.

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It’s a dealer bs add on. You can calculate your discount as $700 less than what they are giving you and decide if that’s a good deal or not.

Did you ask @Samaudibh if he can beat this deal?

Adding in that add-on, it effectively drops the discount to 7.5% from 9%. Certainly not stellar.

There seems to be a shortage of S4’s in the area though, so I doubt dealers are even going to give much further on the price.

I haven’t reached out to anyone directly on here yet. This was a quote I received directly from a dealer in south OC.

I’m certainly open to other competitive offers. @Samaudibh @DonnyAudi

I do the good old fashion phone conversations . it can save us 50 emails

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Either works for me, but phone is much more efficient. Send me a text if you prefer!


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