Deal Check - 2020 Audi A5 P+

Hi all,

Please check the deal below.

Location: Tampa, FL

Vehicle: 2020 Audi A5 Premium Plus

I plugged in the initial #'s from the dealer to get it to match up. Discount is pretty good but too much money down and payment too high still. The doc fee sucks too.

LH Calculator

thanks in advance!

Curious if you got any kind of better deal on this A5? I’m looking at a similar MSRP in FL. Looks like limited inventory on the A5’s so wondering how much wiggle room they might have.

I didn’t. The bad residual and lack of incentives on these really hurt.

I’ve moved on to try and order a BMW at this point.

Sounds good - thanks for the follow up!

yeah, even with employee pricing through Costco, the low residual kills the deal.

Yeah their first offer came in at 705/mo with over 2K down which is crazy high!! Asked them now which MF and residuals they are using but waiting for a reply. I get this is a P+ on a 2020 (MSRP of $55940), but feel there is alot of room for improvement especially with 2021 eventually on the horizon so I’m waiting it out :wink:

Not much wiggle room when it comes to A5 Sportback…

There is truly no other car from BMW or Merc that matches A5, and Audi knows that people who like and want A5 will pay for it…

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Just got another quote on an 2020 A5 2.0T Premium Plus Coupe (black opic trim and s-line interior w/ MSRP of 53,140) with 2K down for $716/mo. He gave me a MF of 0.00096 and residual of 54%, but this looks like just 7% off the MSRP according to the calculator. Not even in my ballpark so I’ll keep looking. Just doesn’t seem like much incentive to move the 2020 A5’s …

sheesh. Those A5s are tough. In general, do audi’s not lease well? I feel like I have the hardest time getting favorable numbers for their A4s and A5s.

pretty much. residuals aren’t great. with the costco 10% discount it’s better though. if you’re looking for an audi go search @Samaudibh’s posts in the marketplace. it’ll give you an idea of what leases best for Audi

I sent you a PM, I think I can get you a much better figure on one of these. Not a broker, just trying to help out.

Agree I saw folks getting some S5’s for less than this quote a few months ago!

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Dealer told me they are using a MF of 0.00136 and residual of 54%. Edmunds says I should be around 0.00101 instead. Other problem is that they are only at a “discount” off 7% of the already inflated MSRP …

Doc fee 1200? Wow