Deal Check: 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Good afternoon. I’d like some feedback on the following potential deal for a 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia RWD.

MF .00010 and 47% residual
$1750 incentives

Based on the feedback I’ve seen, seems a bit high. My zip code is 38138.

Thank you in advance!


calculator link didn’t come thru. Its the basic generic default one showing up

that should work now.

Looks terrible for Giulia. Maybe shop other more competitive regions? Also, why not go for a 24m lease?

thanks for the feedback. I’ll look into the MF/residual for 24 months.

It’s even worse with 24 months.

00013 MF and 55% residual

Damn, it used to be 60% RV. Sucks that such a beautiful ride has such a bad residual

may have to look out of State for better deals

Is this a Chrysler Cap or ally lease?

I believe it’s Chrysler

He is a bit far to you but check what he is offering. @Justin_Sutton

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can he ship?

Send him a text and ask.

We do really well with Alfa, if you haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet we can get numbers for you

not pulled the trigger. That was the first offer I got and it was from a local dealer. would be willing to have car shipped or drive to another dealer within 200-250 miles of Memphis TN. What are your fees?

Justin can ship and he will give you a great price the first time. No games

Hi. still do well with Alfa? Interested in a 2020 Giulia in PA.