Deal check- 2020 Acura MDX SH-AWD Base

Hi Everyone!
Billy from LI NY
Coming from a 2018 Chevy Equinox LT 2.0L turbo

I discovered the forum about 2 months ago. I will start by saying thank you to everyone for providing the information that you do, it was a massive help!

After weeks of test driving, dealer hopping, and making calls during what might be the worst time to try and get a new car deal with inventories being a disaster from the pandemic I think I finally landed a good deal. 2020 Acura MDX SH-AWD Base

The dealer wasn’t letting me keep the deal sheet at this point or take a picture so tried my best to memorize what I was shown and ended up with the same payment I was offered. Researched it against other deals here as well. Did I do good? lol

MSRP: $47525
Selling Price: $38350 19.3% off MSRP
Miles/Year :
54 %
Residual value is $25,664.
Money Factor (MF) : 0.000725
APR: 1.74%

Looks like a great deal, that’s 2020 Pilot EXL money.

What are the incentives included in that discount

Thanks! No loyalty, or conquest either. Just end of month/rainy day deal with an easy to work with dealer so far.

How much in lease cash?

Im not sure exactly what incentives were rolled in here… I don’t have a deal sheet or anything yet to distinguish lease cash. We were shown the lease deal sheet from the manager, and emailed later to confirm we can move forward. Nothing signed yet.

Hard to say how well you did without knowing the deal details.

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I’ll follow up with those when I get them. The calculator was based on what I remembered. msrp Cap cost, MF and res and got the same monthly I was told.

Did you confirm MF with Edmunds? They should have told you what the incentives were at the same time.

This is a question you should have the answer to before talking to a dealer about numbers, otherwise you’re shooting in the dark with no way to judge how well you’re actually doing.

The Acura dealer isn’t going to tell you what the lease cash incentive was, unless they’re feeling extra transparent, as it’s a direct to dealer incentive.

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Edmunds said .00058 MF which is not what I was shown im like 99% sure… and same residual… edmunds also has a a 405 payment instead of 399…

Ignore what Edmunds shows as a payment. The only useful thing from there is the RV/MF/incentives they give you when you post and ask for your zip.

You may also want to check what the monthly is if you go with the higher MF/higher incentive option that Acura generally offers.

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Just go on edmunds and ask a question like below:

Hello! Can I please get the RV, MF, and Incentives for a 2020 MDX AWD w/Technology & A-Spec 36/12k in zipcode 22033? Thanks!

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00058 and 53%
$3650 incentives from edmunds

Have you seen this, it’s earlier this month, but close to 17% pre-incentive discounts. Your deal is more like ~11% if you fix you calculator.

Have not shopped the MDX. Which dealer is this? Feel free to PM me. Have visited some area Acura dealers in the past. Note if there is $3600 in incentives included in this deal that is an additional $300 plus in taxes that you will have to pay. Not a big deal but I like to be able to account for every dollar. I have usually seen those prices on the base MDX model so this seems like a good deal but I have not researched. Are they changing the model this year?

The Acura incentives are direct to dealer, so they’re applied directly to the discount amount and are untaxed.

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So is this considered a good deal or do you think there’ is more to get out of this?

There is an updated model for 2021

no I must have missed that acura offering earlier this month

11% pre-incentive is good, but not omg amazing.

You also need to confirm the mf to make sure it isn’t marked up.

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Will do thanks