Deal Check - 2020 Accord Sport 1.5T

I’ve seen some better deals posted here but not in South Florida, the land of $999 doc fees. I’m sure there’s room for another $10/mo off but not sure how much more after that.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Accord Sport 1.5T
MSRP: $27,460
Selling price: $23,637
Monthly Payment: $310 (including tax)
Drive-Off Amount: ~$500 (first month + tag)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: 0.00087
Residual: $16,201 (59%)

Adjusted cap cost is $25,340.

I threw the doc fee and everything into acquisition fee in the calculator:

Nissan was quoting a similar number on the Altima SR and I haven’t reached out to Toyota yet, although I don’t like the styling of the Camry as much.

Since you are shopping around,.would you consider a 2020 Acura TLX? Last I checked, they were providing a Manufacturer to Dealer incentive of $7,800. I got mine in December 2019 for $307/month, zero down, 12k per year. IMO- rather have a $34k Acura vs. the Honda, Nissan or Toyota models you mentioned…though lots of haters “here” that won’t agree with me.

I don’t think people are haters, it’s just the TLX is long in the tooth and the Accord is relatively new, although I wouldn’t pay over $300/mo for a 1.5. That large dealer cash incentive is offset by a lower residual. Camry’s are pretty boring, appliance on wheels.

All good points! I am happy with my TLX, and can live with it for 3 years! Have you considered a Mazda 6? Had 2 of them (2004 and 2017) and liked them both.

For that price I would look into a Acura like Strz mentioned.

Hey Strz,

Do you still have the deal sheet in hand or the numbers of the whole deal in the Acura tlx? Does yours have advanced technology package?

While shopping around the highest deal was $260 a month. $0 down and only first month due at signing.

I agree, I’d take a TLX any day over an Accord or Altima but keep in mind this is the last year for the current generation. An all new TLX is coming this fall for 2021MY. There’s a reason why they’re throwing nearly $8k in trunk money (in addition to the poor residual).

OP, someone here just got a Sport 1.5L for $230 but they did have loyalty. Pays to shop around but I think there’s more meat on the bone. $999 doc fee is nuts. I’d even search nearby states like GA or SC and drive back. Accords are a dime a dozen and plentiful on each Honda lot. I certainly wouldn’t pay $310 a month for a bone stock Accord Sport.

In addition to the Mazda 6, look at the Passat. Everyone forgets about the Passat in this class and I personally think it’s a great car (although it’s getting stale). I had a 2016 R Line and loved it.

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Here is my lease agreement on my base 2020 Acura TLX 2.4L:
MSRP= $33,995
Agreed Upon Price= $24311.12
License, Title, Registration= $314.50
Dealer Document/Preparation/Service Fee= $504.85
Acquisition Fee= $595.00
Total (Gross Capitalized Cost)= $25725.47

$307/month for 36 months @ 12k/miles per year

Maybe the dealer discounting + Acura incentives have increased right now, IDK. However- at the time I took ownership (Dec '19), this was an excellent deal, IMO.

@TheBigTuna My experience (when I looked into leasing a 2019 Jetta GLI Autobahn Edition is that VW’s (generally speaking) do not lease that well. Adding agreed that if looking into a non-luxury brand mid-size sedan…the best (2) options are the Mazda 6 and the Passat. Moving “up” to an Acura TLX makes sense, IMO based on the price…in spite of the fact that it is in its’ last year of production of the current style. The thing has very good pickup (I drive it in Sport mode), super comfortable, and has plenty of features.

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