Deal check 2020 330i

Deal in Southeast 36/10

MSRP: 52520
Discount: of 10.8%
2000 out of pocket: for 513 month
Tried talking them down to 1500 out of pocket, but not seeming to budge.


You could add 7 MSDs to drop the payment $29 a month. What’s the breakdown of the incentives making up the $2250?

I would say you’re pretty close to all the way there. Looks to be pretty well equipped as well so I guess you have to ask yourself how bad you want it.

Do the incentives include Penfed/USAA?

:point_up: What they said. If you need a car and like the car, then what are you waiting for?

2250= 1000 conquest…750 lease cash, 500 OL code…the other 500 OL code is in the discount.

Uh oh…I am not aware of Penfe/USAA…explain these to a noob please :frowning:

If you are a member of Penfed or USAA you get a $500 incentive to lease

The Leasehacker search function is your friend. You can start at the “BMW Wiki”.

@numa- You need to be a member for at least 60 days. Hence, this might not be an option for you if you take this deal.

Well so they offered the deal above and you countered asking to knock another $500 off. At this point you can:
A) Wait it out to see if they call back
B) Try one more time to get the $500 off by telling them you’ll come sign immediately
C) Go sign anyway because we’re talking $500 on a $52k car
D) Roll the dice and wait for the ‘21’s

When I went through this a couple months ago on a 330, I waited it out two weeks before they called back.

Yeah, I think I’m going to jump on it.

You won’t regret it, It’s a fantastic car. What color and options does it have?

Red, and the Harmon Kardon with some driver assistance packages. I really wanted the m340i, but it’s just not in my price range this round. I’ve had Audi A4s for about 6 years, but I hate the look of the mini refresh. Thought I would give BMW a chance.

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If you all need any lease deals in the Georgia area . Hit up Brian Epstein on here . He’s the best . I met him on here and he created a deal wayyyyyyyyy beyond my expectations… truly a guy who cares about his customers and doing what’s the best … I am very happy with my new lease on my 2021 M235i gran coupe…

Yeah I test drove the m340i when I was shopping and fell in love, however I have a 15 year old that just started driving and having that parked in the garage seemed like a really bad idea.


It is.

Can you please share the deal exceeded wayyyyyy above your expectations in the share your deal section? People can use it as reference.

You don’t need to keep posting this in multiple threads, you are just losing credibility.

Especially because you were asked what the deal was in another thread and couldn’t provide any remotely useful information.

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Sorry guys , all the info is on the usb drive they gave me .

I will get the details and post it sorry for the confusion new to this forum .

Msrp is $48,395
2021 M235i gran coupe
White w magma red interior
I put $1500 down which includes the 1st payment
10k miles Per year for 36 mnths
My payment is $465 a mnth
My finance rate is 3.3 in apr calculations

Sorry for the delay

But honestly Brian at Unitd BMW was really a good guy to work with , no pressure and was very understanding and deal with .

Just post it once. On that other thread.