Deal Check: 2019 Kia Stinger GT2

Hey everyone, I’ve been doing a ton of reading on here and your posts and replies have been extremely helpful to me.

I’m extremely close to leasing now and was about to sign all the paperwork today when the final Adj Cap Cost seemed a little off to me. I was wondering if those with experience can take a look at these numbers for me and tell me if everything adds up.

To keep it short, I’ve gotten a 2019 GT2 RWD reduced from ~$52k MSRP to $47k flat through a dealer discount. There is a lease incentive here in CA for 24 months of $12,120.

This brings my total down to $34,880 before fees. An amazing price. From reading through the threads I have read that the vast majority of taxes and fees are around $1.5k. Maybe $2k tops. So I was expecting a Net Cap Cost of ~$36,500.

The total Adj Cap Cost on the paperwork is $37,153.29. Bringing me up almost $2,300.
The numbers seem correct on DMV fees, Doc fees, acquisition, etc. I think the number increasing me so much is “Tax on Cap Cost Reduction.” A value of $925.90.

However I haven’t really seen this value very often in many lease breakdowns. Is this not charged in some states? I know in CA we aren’t double taxed when buying out later, is there anyone with some insight on this?

When I look at my breakdown, I don’t understand why they put acquisition fee and doc fee into gross cap cost instead of under the amount due at lease signing category. This increases my tax on cap cost reduction even further. Can I request them to move the amounts to under that column instead?

Any advice would help tremendously as I’m supposed to go back tomorrow. I’ve attached the exact numbers and could write each value out if they aren’t legible. Thanks everyone!

Also, they told me I’d only be paying $600 as the first payment and then $647 each month after that. Yet it makes the numbers look all weird and I wanted to out $0 down. Are they actually helping me out by doing this?

I’ll let someone more knowledgeable answer your direct question… but I will add my $.02:

Man these things lease terribly! Looking at some past Stinger GT2 posts on here, seems that the recommendation is don’t lease this unless you plan to do an immediate buy out. I would suggest doing some more research, and be sure that you really want the Stinger specifically. There is a lot of better options out there at that payment.

okay thank you! yeah I was thinking the same as you!

You can ask them to move the doc and acquisition fee to paid with DAS, that would increase the 600 up front to 1335.

You’re being taxed on the 10,581@8.75% which is the 925.

I’m sorry next time ask before you sign the lease. This is a terrible lease. Your are focused on the wrong areas. Yes your tax high, this is legit. It’s so much higher than other leases you’ve seen because your incentive is so much higher. Your $12,120 is all taxable. The real issue with this lease is the money factor and the residual. The residual value on this car is insanely low killing any good lease opportunities and I’m guessing they jacked up the money factor on you.

Enjoy the car and next time asked before you lease but I have seen these leasing for around $100 less per month.

Moving doc and acquisition to DAS would reduce my cap cost reduction value and therefore reduce my tax on cap cost reduction correct? Would this save me some change? Or is the will the tax all be paid for in the end anyway if I buyout the car?

I haven’t purchased yet, I just got the offer from the dealer and asked for time to review it. Thanks I appreciate the advice!

This looks like a contract, I guess it is not in effect until OP grabs the keys?

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In California no, he has to take delivery.

Ok great don’t sign it. This looks like a contract to me.

He hasn’t signed yet. He’s supposed to go in to sign.

Do not sign.

Get RV, MF & incentives from Edmunds forums.

Put the numbers in to LeaseHackr calculator to get an estimate payment.

Try to negotiate further…

If anything try reaching out to multiple dealers to compare & then make your decision.

Good luck

Your msrp seems closer to 53k based on the RV. If you pay all your drive offs up front, you should be around 550 a month. It’s not great, but the GT2 doesn’t lease well because of the MF and poor residual.

Unless you’re completely married to the car, it might be worth it to look at the m340i.

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Residual value on 24 Mos is around 50%. 36 Mos is around 45%, but less lease cash. Prime example lease to buy. Definitely depreciates like a luxury brand, whether Kia wants it or not.

I would walk away from this one unless you want to purchase it because of the better incentives on leases. If you are trying to just lease it, I would walk away. It is a really nice car, but there is better for that payment amount.

The ONLY reason to lease a stinger is to immediately buy it out rather than purchasing up front, so you can get the bigger lease incentives. These are a very poor lease option otherwise.


^this. So much this.

So in this deal, you’re worried about $64 in taxes in total, but not the $647/mo payments?

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Agreed. If you really like the car, then just finance shortly after leasing. Just not worth keeping as a lease.

It’s been mentioned in the stinger forums how this is a great way to get a gt2 for less. Not really a secret at this point, surprised OP wants to actually lease.