Deal Check: 2019 Kia Stinger GT2 AWD - lease "sheet" includes tax?


Every dealer that I’ve showed this to have claimed that the monthly is not including tax, but the provider of this sheet has said time and time again that it is including tax. Any way of verifying this?

I also can’t seem to match this to the calculator. I’ve also asked for the breakdown of the cap cost addition once but they haven’t responded to that.

Probably bait&switch? All communications up to this point has been text/phone call.

PS: Yes, I am doing lease + buyout, which means monthly doesn’t matter but I wanted to ensure that it can be matched to the calculator and also to make sure the cap cost items are legit.

Update: I just visited them in person and looks like the lease sheet was accurate. Unfortunately, they didn’t let me take a picture so I can’t show the exact breakdown…