Deal Check: 2019 Audi S5 Prestige Coupe

Hey all,

I was hoping for some input on this deal:

2019 Audi St Prestige Coupe with S Sport Package, Black Optic Package, Dynamic Steering, and misc other small options

MSRP: $67,995
Sale Price: $58,600
36 months / 10k
0 Down - $696 / month before tax
Residual: 51%
MF: 0.00057 (10 MSDs 0.00007)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Does the sale price include any incentives? If yes, you should list them out.
The P+ leases better than the Prestige, btw. Also adding Audicare will increase the RV by 1%.
Did you confirm the MF and RV numbers from Edmunds?

EDIT: Any money due at signing? Are you rolling everything into the payment? If you have a lease sheet with a breakdown it will be helpful.

Yeah if you have a link to calculator as well. I’m not getting the same numbers based on what you have above. Need more details

Thanks for the response.

The only incentive I am aware of is the is the $3000 dealer market allowance, but the dealer just listed cap cost as $58,600. It shows a discount of $9395 off of the $67,995 MSRP

I did confirm the RV and MF with Edmunds (Edmunds MF RV)

The only thing due at signing would be the upfront dealer costs, first month payment, and the MSD. The dealer cost is $397 which I’ll be working on because that seems a little high.

Lease Hackr Calculator - Audi S5 Coupe

Thanks again!

Sounds like they’re rolling the $3k incentive into that discount, so they’re only giving you $6395 off, which is about 9.5% pre-incentive. How does that compare to other deals you have researched on here/broker deals on here? I believe I have seen much higher, but I could be mistaken.

My guess is that the dealer is including that $3k incentive into the discount. I could be wrong. I would confirm with them whether you qualify for any incentives (knowing you do). If they come back without disclosing the extra $3k, I would look somewhere else, IMO.

The discount is average for a 2019 model.