Deal Check 2019 Audi Q7 Premium Plus PA

This is a deal that I got from a Dealer in Ohio. I live about 90 miles away in PA and haven’t had the best of luck with the 1 of 2 total audi dealers in Pittsburgh. Which is interesting because both of my cars are Audi’s and I have them religiously serviced at the dealership. My current 2017 Q7 Lease is coming due so it’s time.

The salesman on this deal has been accomading and upfront. How is is it? Thank you!

You are barely getting a 10% discount. A redesigned model is due for release next year. Not a good deal at all. I am sure if you expand your search radius you could do better than this. Did you double check the MF and rebates in the Edmunds forum? Are you putting money down? The deal sheet shows $1990.31 as customer cash and amount due.

Have you checked out some of the deals being offered by brokers in the marketplace?

Discount on recent broker deals here have been around 15% off including lease cash so definitely room to improve, otherwise take a trip east to NY/NJ.

I did ask one and I did get a much better quote. I think I was worried more about trading my current lease in so I looked a little more locally. I also got busy and lost touch with him. I did DM back tonight. Thanks!

Yeah… I don’t know why it’s so brutal lease in and around Pittsburgh. I bought an Audi in Arlington on a business trip one time. Deal was cut in minutes and it was solid. Hopefully I can just get a deal done with a broker here. Thank you!

Pittsburgh has 3 Audi dealerships. Two are owned by Cochran and one in Sewickley. When is your lease due, if wait for the 2020 refresh.

I have 4 payments left. At this point I’d tale take the heavier discount and lease the previous gen 19.’ My 16’ A6 has 56K miles on it and I’m probably going give/sell cheaply to my oldest son. He puts in the work and is a car lover. With me moonlighting as a travel hockey chaufere I’ll need to lease an SUV also shortly. Just trying to save a little cash if possible.

Interestingly enough I could have gotten a loaded Telluride for my wife and younger kids. You would have sworn I said I was selling one of our children LOL. I did try though. :stuck_out_tongue:

What deal did they offer you on the Kia lol?. I keep seeing over msrp deals that make me want to throw up.

No real deal man. I pay sticker and 15K miles per year leases somewhere between 650 and 700 per month. I had to give them a deposit on the phone and go and pick it up. It was to fast for my wife who has never driven one.

Yikes. Yeah I agree with the wife on that one sorry man lol.

Yeah… I know. :laughing: I usually move real quick on buying a car. This time It’s taken me a 5 days. I don’t research enough. I’m glad I found this site. Just reading it has saved me a lot of money. I think I have a good broker now and I’ll need two cars so It’s all coming together.

Oh yeah gotta research. I spend hours on forums and watching youtube reviews.

Is that at 3.0? I got quoted $615 for one at a dealership in Jersey. That was with me paying taxes up front.

Yes its a 3.0. I’m going to lease through a broker on here. Save some $$

Cool you should be in the $600’s. Good luck.

You’re not going to do well with Audi in Pittsburgh. 2 of the dealers are controlled by an insufferable dealership group and the 3rd (Sewickley) won’t be much better. I’m disappointed Lithia decided to jettison the Audi store in Monroeville, they were smaller than the others but it was easy to strike a deal on my A4 there.

Not sure which dealer in Ohio you’re working with but a friend of mine worked with Audi of Middleburg Heights on an A4 lease before deciding he’d rather keep his TL. They were upfront and the price was good for the region, just decided he’d rather keep the 6 speed. Check the marketplace for broker deals in the NY/NJ market.

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I can second Audi Middleburg Heights.

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Thanks for the link. I paid Quentin the retainer and he found me a Q7 with a 15,000 mile per year lease that was a good deal.

I was talking to a guy at Audi Bedford. He was really responsive and very professional. In the end the deal and the right car won out.

I know what you mean about Monroeville. I leased my Q7 there and had both my Audi’s serviced through them. I’m still friendly with the old service manager. He’s since moved on to VW in Wexford. The deals were easy to do there and fair. Service and access to a loaner car was exceptional. It’s not that way any longer.

Do you have a good service rep? I need one.

Agreed, I was very pleased with sales and service but unfortunately I can’t help you with reps. The lease on my A4 ended in September 2017 and I wasn’t able to come to terms on a new one. My 2014 was a 6 speed P+ that was 6 months shy of celebrating a birthday so they were extra motivated to deal on it. On a 2017 P+ with a decent discount and rolling over MSD’s I was still looking at a payment almost $150 higher from what I recall. Didn’t help that the same P+ model stickered for around $50K, albeit with worlds better tech, which was around $7K more than the 2014.

I bought and have my Acura serviced at Baierl in Wexford, ironically another Lithia buyout victim.

The deal i am getting on Q7 2.0 premium plus 2019 for 39months /12k miles
Sticker price - $61565
$697/month (Inclusive of tax, fees) with zero down
Includes audi care.
Looks good ?