Deal Check - 2019 Audi A5 SB Premium Plus

Long-time lurker finally moving forward with my first lease ever. I have the below offer from a dealer and trying to decide if it is worth pushing anymore on price.

MSRP: $52,200.00
Cap Cost: $39,300 (24.7% discount)
Money Factor: 0.00155
Residual: 54%
DAS: ~$1,900 ($0 down, TTL upfront)
Payment: $425/month + tax

The cap cost includes a $6,250 manufacturer allowance, so the dealer discount is $6,250 (12.7% of MSRP).

I took a look at other 2019 A5 posts here and it seems like this is a decent deal based on these terms. Do I push for a little more for a 2019 model or am I getting too greedy?

LH Calculator:

Seems like solid for an A5 SB, even for a 2019 model. Have you confirmed RV, MF and incentives on Edmunds?

I did confirm these #s on Edmunds. However, one caveat - these were the April #s when I started the conversation with the dealer. The May MF is a lot higher on these models now. The quote I shared was provided to me yesterday - are the dealers allowed to use the MF, incentives, etc. from when the conversation began, or will they come back at some point and realize the #s changed month to month and have to update the deal on me?

You should be using the May MF.

Numbers change month to month. I would confirm with the dealer whether the MF has changed since last month (You already know the answer to that, but it is always best to have all this info in writing before walking into the dealership).

They will probably have to update the numbers. Did incentives change since last month or remain the same?

You could try asking for 14% off pre-rebates but the dealer may not budge. Where are you located?

Good luck.

With MSD you’d be at $391 + tax

I’m in the process of negotiating a lease with a dealer. His initial quote was way off for me, and I countered with a quote that I received from another dealer to see if he could match it. He said he would entertain it if I sent him the quote from the other dealer.

Is this a pretty reasonable request? Full no for me if he wants to know the other dealership, but is it a reasonable ask fo send him the text of the other quote?

It is pretty common for one dealership to call a customer’s bluff. Also, salespeople don’t usually give a shit what price a vehicle sells at as long as he or she gets a unit moved. It gives the salesperson something to put in front of the Sales Manager’s face as leverage.

It is also the easy way to get a yes or no from the other dealership.

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Mystery car! :mage::crystal_ball: Take the first deal, it’s great, I can just tell!

(Keep this in the original post, otherwise you may suffer my supreme sarcastic comments!)

My bad! Sorry!

Thanks for the input. So you’d share the other quote with them fully?

Yes if you want to accomplish your goal.

Bring up MSD’s, they’ll know you’re a really hacker and drop their pants more.

What’s the point of a dealer matching the deal? I like to give business to whomever presented the better offer and not just offer to match someone else’s deal.

Color, and there was one difference in options between the two (but the price was essentially the same). I agree with you but given the limited 2019 inventory had to search around a little bit.

Hmmm this is very interesting found a car nearby that could fit the same deal