Deal Check! - 2018 BMW X1 Loaner

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Hi All - Great forum and have already hacked my way to a great deal a few months earlier. Back in the game for another lease! See below. At dealer now debating to pull trigger.

Msrp: $42,XXX
Sale: $33,XXX (~21%)
Sale price: $29,XXX (includes loyalty, incentives)
Miles: ~4,XXX
Terms: 24 months / 10k a year

Buy rate with MSD: .00142

$259 per month with ~ $3k down (MSDs and min drive off)

Effective $299 per month.

Apologies for the brief post in advance. Will update later if I sign!

That’s a great deal. Bump the Mf with the acquisition waived. Don’t think about too much.

Thanks @jrod78! Didn’t end up getting it yet but will see how April incentives look!

I believe 18 lease support ended with March, so you may not be able to lease the same car in April.

Thanks for the insight @Lubes! Fingers crossed on lease support and how it impacts the discount, etc.

It might end in april. I guess we will find out by probably tomorrow

Do you mind sharing the dealer/broker info? Interested as well. Good deal IMO.

crisis averted! Thanks all for checking out the deal!

looks like lease support is back for MY2018. Will post again on final lease terms last this week!

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Do this. Then it’s a great deal!

Ignore 202020

Please share the dealer. Great deal. Looking for a BMW X1 too.

Will respond shortly via pm after I get deal sorted out and settled in! Will also post final terms.

Thanks @evleaseBC

Thanks for the tip!