Deal Check: 2018 BMW M3 Lease Takeover (Zero Down, <$800/Mo, $92K+ Sticker)

I would appreciate any feedback on this potential lease takeover, details follow.

Vehicle: 2018 M3, window sticker $92K+, comes with New Vehicle Warranty + Lease Protection + Cosmetic Wheel/Tire Protection
Key options: Comp, Exec, M Performance Exhaust, Individual Paint (Champagne Quartz Metallic)
Monthly payment: $1133.63
Incentive: $4750
Adjusted monthly payment: $794.34 = $(14(1133.63)-4750)/14
14 months/14K miles left on lease

No money out of my pocket besides fees to transfer lease protection and wheel/tire protection. 2 previous owners including current (first owner UT, current IL, I’m in CA). Lease ends 4/30/2021 with no payment due on that date + 1/30/20 payment done early by current owner (confirmed with BMW FS). Current mileage 16K, thus 14K miles left on the lease. Clean CarFax & PPI.

Current owner also offering his hardwired setup of Escort Max360C radar detector + Blackvue 4K front/rear dash cam with 256GB of storage ($1200 value) for $750 off the incentive (would raise my monthly to $841).

Link to original Swapalease post:

What’s up with the red map on the nav screen?

“fall back to safe zone”

  1. Do you prefer M3 Competition over M3CS
  2. Deal posted above plus ~$1200 shipping cost?
  3. Are you in love with this color?
  4. Do you prefer short term over long term or you just stumbled upon this deal and think it’s good?

Screen glare in pic – no issues with screen

  1. CS does not ship with executive package, thus intrinsically lacks the top-view camera. This is probably the most important feature in the entire vehicle for me.

  2. Correct. Please do let me know if you have auto transport recommendations.

  3. Dream spec is black on red but I don’t hate or love the Champagne Quartz exterior. I’ve been on the market for at least the last quarter and have failed to find as well specified a car as this one with the options it has, so I’m willing to trade those off for a unique/polarizing/not my ideal exterior color. It’s also a BMW Individual color for whatever that’s worth.

  4. I definitely want a lease shorter than 18 months. Targeting a G82 M4 after this car.

+1 PUBG lifestyle

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The shipping adds another $100 per month plus the time (money) lost during the transportation.

There is a white/red M4 on Bimmerpost. 15 months left $842 with SoCal taxes. Have you seen that car?