Deal check 2012 Volvo S60

2012 Volvo S60 95 k miles
Clean title-no accidents
14k before tax from vroom
Decent price?

  1. Generally speaking, this is for lease deals.
  2. What research have you done? Do you think it’s a decent price based on your research?

My apoligies
Thought I saw disccusion about buying as well here.
Research was that Other similar vehicles online with similar history go for around that price

What values did you get and from which valuation sites?

No actually valuation sites
Just various listing sites like edmunds

Just for perspective: my 2016 S60 Inscription with 16K miles had RV of $21K after 36 months in 2019. The dealer had an option to buy it from Volvo for $17K and he did not. So, your 2012 with 95k is not worth $14K. And I would not touch any 10 yo Volvo especially with 95K miles.


Thanks for that!

The residual on my 2017 T5 Inscription was $23,600 in 2019, and they did buy it (and sold it shortly thereafter). What year were the oil consumption issues on the old ones, 2015.5? That’s one thing I would be greatly weary about on one of these, aside from it being an 11-year-old car.


I’d pass. A used car that’s 10+ years and almost 100k miles old has to have a reputation for reliability… both for your own wallet as well as for the eventual resale event.

And that seems as inflated as most used cars on the market today which means big time depreciation … I wouldn’t be surprised if a brand new Corolla or Camry etc had better TCO over next few years.

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10yr old Volvo with 100k miles is a mechanics nightmare. Hard pass on this.

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Thanks all for your insight.

What car would be a good buy at 10 years old 100k miles
Toyota Camry?

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What’s your budget? How long you wanna keep the car?

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Camry, Corolla, Civic, Mazda 3, etc

price wise I found similar S60’s on FB marketplace for 7-10k but wouldn’t buy at that price either

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In general something Japanese, but once you have a specific year/make/model spend a little time googling to ensure there aren’t any known issues with that generation. Having spent a little time on the Subaru outback forums the past six months, those people know which year/model/engine/transmission is usually problem-free.

Edit: also in that age bracket, be sure all the recalls have been performed (dealer will complete at no charge). Examples from that period have lots of Takata Airbags that double as meat grinders for humans.


We have a 2012 Camry with about 85K miles, and it has not required any repairs in the 11 years we have owned it. Maintenance has been very inexpensive also.

I second the suggestion to check out owner sites to determine if there are any common problems with a car before you buy it.


You can get a 2013+ Accord Sport/EX/EX-L for not much more. Good car, reliable, nice interior & exterior.

A 2015+ Sonata with decent options should also be doable. Maybe even a refreshed 2018 for not much more.

One more: if you really want something ‘European’, a 2019+ Jetta SE isn’t much more. Might even still be under the factory 72/72k warranty.


BTW, I also had a new 2012 S60. It had the MSRP of around $35K. Yours is now at ~40% RV after 10 years and 95k miles :slight_smile:

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Up to 15k
Keep for as many years as I can

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