Deal? 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Limited (standard)

Los Angeles, CA
2021 Crosstrek Limited
MSRP $30,183
Selling @ $27,847
Lease 36 months 12k
minimum down $914.79 (first month, doc & gov fees)
*Acquisition fee if $595 is not included in the DAS—
I’m confused- should I pay that upfront or do I want it rolled into the payment?
$338.62 (before taxes)
Money Factor .00145
Residual $18,713.46 (62%)

I have a picture of the offer, but it wouldn’t allow me to post it. Thank you

I don’t know what the money factor is you can get that from Edmunds. However anytime I see any discount larger than 2k on a Subaru it’s a decent deal. In my region it’s hard to get 1k off any Subaru. Plug what you have into the calculator and see what it comes out too…if it matches what your being told.

The dealer’s money factor & Rv matched Edmunds which is .00145 & 62%. So that made me happy -just in terms of dealing with someone who was straight with me. Thank you for your reply.

SoCal? Maybe check out @rubbergash offers. Not sure if he has Crosstrek Limited’s but his deals are usually pretty strong.

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Acquisition fee is rolled into the payment. You shouldn’t be paying that upfront.

In terms of the deal, I would say it’s good. You’re basically $20/mo off from 1% of MSRP, and the price seems to be about $1000 off invoice.

For reference, id probably be be able to do $308/mo plus tax up here in NorCal, but our sales do not include 4 oil changes/tire rotations like it does in SoCal.

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You say that like 1% of MSRP is in anyway relevant.


If only we had a mass data collection to reference if 1% of msrp is good.

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Fortunately, we have math and knowledge of lease programs to know that there is far too much variation in individual situations to make any specific percentage of msrp a useful metric.

Not sure about other brands but for Subarus, I’ve always used 1% of MSRP or less to gauge how good a Subaru deal is.

Nobody touches the lease deals I post when they’re over 1% of MSRP so I don’t even post them until I can get to that benchmark.

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And you have limits on how far out (distance) of a deal you can sell to, correct? Before you get dinged by Subaru… I think you mentioned a fine…

I don’t know if this helps you or not - but I wanted to lease a CrossTrek too - I wanted a cheap AWD vehicle. A dealer wanted around that same price for a CrossTrek - then I got on here and saw that I could lease a 38k Toyota Tacoma Sport for about the same price.

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