Dark privacy glass windows vs Tint


Hey guys,

Read on another forum that factory rear dark windows are privacy windows and does not offer UV protection. So if you want UV protection you would have to tint all your windows.

Does anyone know if the sunroof/panoramic roof has UV protection or is it just darker glass as well?


Pretty sure all windows have uv protection, otherwise you’d get sun burn all the time.

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They provide some but window tint provides greatly more UV protection. Also depending on which film brand and model you apply you get a significant amount of heat reduction compared to factory privacy glass which provides no heat reduction (except if it is a Tesla)

I tint all my cars…provides a high level of cabin comfort.


In general - yes - all OEM glass has some degree of UV protection.

That reminds me, At one time I owned a Camaro with an aftermarket T-Top (and Whale-tail spoiler). The glass in the t-top offered little protection from the sun (both heat and UV protection). I kept a baseball cap in the car as a solution. Other Camaros I owned with OEM factory T-tops didn’t have that problem at all.

here’s an article about UV protection in auto glass. Evidently laminated windshield safety glass offers the best protection. Sunroofs often (but not always) have UV protection.



Thanks for the info. I guess in summary if you just want aesthetics to match the privacy glass in the rear, you can just tint the front 2 windows.

If you want to make sure it’s all UV protection, get all windows tinted even the sunroof and panoramic rooftop. This will ensure that all your windows are UV protected and reduces heat as each car manufacturer differ in window material and UV protection.

It’s interesting in the 2007 study that 53% of cancer occurred on the left side of the patient. If you drive a lot or live out in the desert definitely get your cars tinted!