Dark mode for LeaseHackr


Hi Admin,

It would be nice to add Dark Mode to the LeaseHackr Discourse forum and allow users to select it whenever they want.
This link helps in implementing this.

What are your thoughts on this?


The forum admins are @michael and @littleviolette . You could also cc @trusted_hackrs


Only @michael and @littleviolette have privileges to make those types of changes


These are just suggestions. I think they will eventually get to these posts. No need to tag them or trusted_hackrs.


@dannyMeh Great suggestion. Sure will look into implementing it.


Any update


Done. You can now select your theme via preference.


Thanks so much @dannyMeh and @littleviolette. I love it!


Thank you @littleviolette for implementing this.


Thank you @littleviolette


This is hear. Thank you!