CX5 Grand Touring. Good lease deal?

Hi All,

First time leasing, Trying to figure out how this all works!

Looking for a 10k a year/ 3 year lease.

What do you guys think? I assume its not that great of a deal as score is only 8.8…

Though the calculator calculated 317 monthly payment with tax, I got quoted roughly 330. Why the difference?
Doing $1000 drive off in LA.

Your sales price probably includes a rebate that needs to be taxed?

Ah okay… I’ll see if I can find the difference.

If it’s roughly 327 including tax. Would you say its a fair deal or am I over paying for this vehicle?

Are there any rebates on it currently? For CX5’s, I think the target should be 10% off MSRP before rebates.

Here’s the break down of the selling price.

Selling Price 31,690.00
Discount 2,050.00
Rebate 360.00
Adjusted Price 29,280.00

That’s only 6.5% off MSRP before rebates. Shoot for 9-10% off.

I love that car … i think they are the best valued suv crossovers out there.

Love that MF!

Agree…great car.

Agreed! They won’t budge on pricing tho :frowning: