CX-5 deal check

I made a offer to a dealer 1200 DAS and 350 per month, dealer came back with $1200.21 and 353.71 per month which is basically the deal I had offered. They did say “the only fee which is not included is dmv fee for new/transfer plates which ranges between $160-180” is this normal to exclude this fee and is it really only that amount? when I try putting in the info they sent me in the worksheet into the calculator it comes out to a couple of dollars more per month, what am i doing wrong?

Msrp: 31,130
Selling price: 30,150
Acquisition fee: assuming standard 650
MF: assuming base .00032
Doc fee: 85
NYSI fee: 12.50
Residual: 61%
Tax: 8.125 %

Even with everything being base, the calculator still gives me a higher monthly and drive off, it’s not that I mind getting it cheaper just wondering where I went wrong.

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you went in asking for $350/1200 DAS and got back a total of $258 increase (including the excluded dmv fee)

at that point, with this shortage of inventory that’s going around currently. Was is there to think about? Just take the deal.

Sounds like the $1200 is going toward cap cost. Adjust the calculator to set the cap cost reduction or down payment to $1200

If you post your calculator, we can help identify issues

this is closest i could get it. I know some of the tax is getting rolled in but can’t split tax in calculator.

Your das doesn’t match as a start. Dealer Fee is too high and the gov fees you are saying are extra. Once you adjust for those, it looks to be fairly close.

Can you send me adjusted calculator? I added the $12 fee to dealer fee. I know DMV is extra but I’m assuming the 400 the calculator adds, accounts for those fees.

The calculator doesn’t add fees. You need to put the info it. There is just a place holder amount that the calculator defaults to.

Now I’m confused. First sheet I got from them says 1200 das but in box says 749 down and 353 per month

Once I asked to add Gap insurance to the mix they sent a new sheet. Still says 1200 das but in box says 1200 and 362 or 0 down and 380 per month. How can 0 down be a better deal??

380 is not better than 362?

36 payments of 380 is 13,680. 1200 and 35 payments of 362 is 13,870 no?
Maybe they didn’t include the gap insurance with the 380 option

That formatting would suggest 35 payments of $380 with $0 das if the same formatting means 35 payments of $362 with $1200 das.

The reality is the dealer has provided you with inconsistent lease break downs, so you really can’t assume anything useful from them.

But that definitely makes no sense, it says on the bottom 1200 das

I agree that their lease sheet doesn’t make any sense since they can’t be bothered to be consistent.


Just hung up from them. First worksheet was 749 as tax plus the listed fees on bottom which worked out to a total of 1200. Second sheet was as cash with all tax capitalized so I guess that’s why was a little more. The 380 option was a computer error which they couldn’t take out but was with 440 das

I’m moving forward with this deal, they are going to overnight documents to me as they are a couple of hours away. I do have a cosigner, they asked me to send in pic of both license here’s the thing I’m unsure about “Copy of insurance Cards and Binder - this will need to have an effective date of when you plan on having someone pick-up the vehicle.” what is it that they want from me is it, is it both our current vehicle insurance cards or is it the the insurance on the new car in question?

Could be either. Best bet is to verify with them.

99% sure it’s this. You have to have some proof that you insured that VIN before driving off with the car.

Doesn’t have to be the official card that comes in snail mail. A printout from logging on to your insurer’s site or fax should suffice.

Thanks, just confirmed with them as well. It is kind of interesting that I’m insuring a vehicle that is not mine yet.

Which trim is this for? Interested in one myself.

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