Custom order 2018 Audi S3 question

**Year: 2018
**Make, Model, and Trim:Audi S3 P+
**Months/Annual Mileage:15000
**Zip Code:91792

I’m getting ready to custom order a 2018 Audi S3 but I have a few questions before I proceed.

  1. The salesperson says I can lock in the rate at time of order, but the rates are not that good right now. Any advice?

  2. How much discount should I aim for? Should I negotiate before or after the car is here?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

You should do numerous searches as these questions are easily answered. However, you’re going to get railed going that route as first, audis don’t typically lease well and second, your negotiation strategy is flawed.

Read through, you’ll easily see how to change your approach.