Currently negotiating two leases with a volvo dealer. How much off MSRP can I reasonably expect?

Hi guys, long time lurker first time posting… I am in the Washington DC region. I am currently shopping for 2 new cars – targeting an S60 inscription T5 for my wife and an XC90 inscription T6 7 seat for me. Could you give me a general idea of how much % off of MSRP before lease cash incentives I should target my negotiating? I was thinking asking for 8% off MSRP on both if I commit to leasing both. I know the market is competitive so I’m trying to get a reality check on my expectations.

Any sage advice in advance is much appreciated.

What payments are brokers offering in your area?

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Taking a cursory glance at some of the google sheets posted by brokers I’ve seen pretty high numbers (up to 10.5% off for an S60) but it’s hard to track how current they are and if there are certain things I’m missing. I’ve reached out to two brokers but I’m getting slow replies which is understandable as I’m sure they’re swamped and I’m trying to get this executed before the month is over.

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Also note that Costco might include Volvo on June 1st. See other thread

2 car deals are not necessarily better deals (search for more).

You need to reseach numbers on both to find out and make an offer. In this market, something like “I want these two stock numbers for 8% off” will get you a reply with an equal lack of consideration.

How many times have you read through leasing 101?

Invoice on XC and maybe 8% or better on S

What percentage is invoice for the XC?

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Roughly 6%

Thanks. I am a long-time costco member so that is good to hear.

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