Currently leasing Camry but need to replace that with SUV sooner

Hello Hackrs,

I currently have Camry lease till May 2017 and I wish to get a SUV.
My current lease details –
Camry LE 2014.5 started in May 2014
Paid $2000 while signing and monthly payment of $210 for 3 years / 36 K miles.
Current reading 25000 miles. (4000 miles below the allowed limit as of today)
I believe I will be around 30000 miles by May 2017 when my lease would be complete.
But life has changed and sedan boot space is no longer sufficient; I need to replace my Camry with SUV.

I am okay spending $300 a month with zero down.
Would you suggest waiting till May 2017 for signing a new lease; and turning my Camry in?
OR would you suggest jumping onto a better deal now as this is a year end?
Will I get a better deal if I stick to Toyota SUV (RAV4/Highlander)?
Any assessment / feedback if highly appreciated, thanks !

Wish granted. check out the deals on this forum for a great Highlander XLE deal. At a minimum you should get some of the lease termination fees waived when re-leasing a toyota

I am 4000 miles below my allowed miles as of now and I guess by lease end I will atleast be 6000 miles below. Do you think that will create some equity that i can cash in when i lease my next toyota?

It may create some equity. I heard than Tundra or Tacoma has the highest equity, but you should ask your dealer.

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