Current % off MSRP offers for BMW Mercedes Audi lexus Porsche in Southern CA

I put together offers on cars I’ve received for others to compare or get a general idea of current situation when shopping in my area. In my current search for a new car, sedan to be specific, I have emailed just about every dealer in southern CA for the following makes of interest, bmw, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, lexus. The biggest factor for me in determining good deal is % off MSRP dealer offers before rebates or incentives. Note my offers from dealers are for lease, 36 months 15k miles

BMW: Ave dealer mark down on 750 12-18%, best offered is 22%.
Mercedes : Avg dealer markdown for s560 9-11, best offered 12%
Porsche: Ave dealer markdown for Panamera 4e hybrid, 6-8%, best 11%, 15% for a demo
Audi: Avg dealer mark down for A8 6-8%, best offered is 10%
Lexus: All would do 8% for 2019 LS500, best offer was 20% for 2018



is this informational for the forum members? What 7 series 740i, 750i? Which S class, S450, S560? Which Panamera? 4, 4s, GTS, Turbo, Sport Turismo 4, etc… and why the quoted text, its really hard to scroll and read.



What is going on here?

Location? I think percentage off MSRP will be heavily location dependent as well.

Edit: Scrolled in the text box, the location is SoCal for anybody else having difficulty with the original post.

You tell me, and we’ll both know.

I don’t think anyone has an issue with the content of the post. I think everyone is wondering if there is a question here or not. If it’s strictly informational I don’t think there is enough detail for it to be useful for anyone.

I mean more along the lines of the formatting: having the first to lines of text in that weird scrollable text box makes it hard to read.

I don’t see any purpose or reason for this thread. It’s useless numbers that mean almost nil.

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for mercedes, i think the only dealer in SoCal that play ball is keyes european and the mercedes benz in anaheim, also fletcher jones newport too, but they require you to be in the dealership for the aggressive discounts, what has your experience like?

Laguna Noguel / Foothill def play ball. Excellent experience at Foothill. They’re same owner.

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oh yea foothill too, forgot to mention.

@anon92897398 I found it an interesting read- a nice deviation from the norm! The 2018 Lexus LS peaked my interest for potentially being a hack candidate (thought they are RARE now).

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When I shopped Benz 4 years ago, MB Encino’s internet dept was discounting aggressively and very transparent.

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I’m in San Diego, but I’ve found the best Mercedes deals from either MB Long Beach or MB Foothill Ranch.


This post prompted me to solicit lease quotes from a few Lexus dealers in Orange County. So far this is the first to respond. It’s a high mileage lease, but atrocious all the same. I’ve requested cap cost, money factor, residual, but no response to that request.

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They charge $995 for accessories which isn’t residualized on a lease. Poor people tax because it greatly impacts lower cost lease more than the g-wagons etc

Would be interesting to see what’s out there right now with all this corona stuff. Id imagine dealers are going to be dying to get rid of inventory

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