Cruze lease for $122/mo+tax with Asian Conquest. Can we improve?

As you may have seen, GM just announced an Asian Conquest bonus of $2500 if you have a 1999 or newer asian car. I happen to qualify for this.

I haven’t talked to dealers yet, but I’m just trying to get a sense of what I should be looking for in terms of lease terms. Here’s my current sketch:

Chevy Cruze Diesel LT Sedan
MSRP: $26270
Dealer discount: $3000 (advertised at Fremont Chevrolet)
Consumer Cash: $2000
Asian Conquest: $2500
GM Supported Lease CCF: $500
GM Incremental CCR: $750

Purchase price after incentives: $17520
Turn-in price: $15672 (60% residual)

Plugging all this into the LeaseHackr calculator…
$122/mo + Tax
$671 drive-off


  1. Edmunds Forums said that the 24mo/10k mi lease terms for the Cruze in Feb 2018 are 60% residual and .00072 money factor. So, that’s what I used in my calculation. Let me know if you have the March numbers, and we can recalculate.
  2. To keep myself sane, I just subtracted all the discounts and rebates from the purchase price. Technically, I think some of these are taxed rebates. But, in the LeaseHackr calculator, the payment looked the same when I moved the rebates in the purchase price over to the “taxed incentives” section.

OK, so here are my questions:

  1. Did I stack any incentives together that cannot be stacked?
  2. Is $3000 a reasonable dealer discount, or should I push for more?
  3. I graduated with a university degree less than 24 months ago. Is there a discount I can get for this – if so, how much?
  4. I am wondering if I qualify for a supplier discount. When doing a Volkswagen lease, there’s a loophole that you can sign up for SCCA (which costs under $100), and you get the supplier discount of $500. Is there a similar technique with GM’s supplier discount program?
  5. Are there any useful things I can do with Edmunds / TrueCar / Autobytel to further drop the price?
  6. The $700 Costco GM incentive ended in January, correct?
  7. I don’t really understand GM Bonus Tags. Is that something I might be able to use here?
  8. Other creative ideas for shaving more off the purchase price?

cc: @ChevyPhil

That’s a 2017. Are those still supported for lease?

Ah, good point. I was just trying to include an example advertised dealer discount. I am also finding that TrueCar prices are about $3000 off, which (if I understand correctly), is before incentives.

Do a one-pay lease and save another 15%!

why are you doing this? (very wrong btw, you can’t stack that stuff) if it’s for fun then by all means…
but if you want the real deal, just email them or me for a quote.
but in the bay we’re not ripping people off on cruze leases… An internet manager will show you all the details when you there too. it’s pretty cut and dry. either me or fremont or dublin will give you the base mf and any rebates you qualify for. you just need to compare sales price and most of their cruzes are $1,500 off before rebates i checked today. thats the same discount i’m doing on cruze.

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Thanks for the feedback. Which discounts in particular can’t be stacked?

I am indeed in the market.

if you want the real deal, just email them or me for a quote.

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See emailing (or even phoning) sales folks does not really work. I’m doing the same thing OP is but on Encore, and I’m getting sales guys don’t know what incentives are out there, who’s eligible, anything. Don’t know what the residuals are (55% on Preferred for 36/10, btw, at least here in the SE) nor MF/APR. One guy just called me back to tell me he’d just realized I was eligible for the $3k conquest bonus, this after I told him about it. Another guy, I asked him to total up the mfr incentives and he instead told me the “savings” number on his web site which includes dealer CCR. Just a cluster dealing with front-line sales guys a lot of the time.

Hence, OP’s questions… he’s not likely to get them straight answered by dealer staff, if his experience is anything like mine

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If you know all the incentives just negotiate the price of the car, then go in and lease it. The selling price is all that matters in the end.


nailed it…202020