Crossover/SUV leasing under or around $300/mo?

Looking for a crossover/SUV with good lease numbers this month for my sister. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. She doesn’t like the Cherokee. Trying to get with local chevy dealers on an Equinox but doing the math with the Chevy Financial numbers I can’t seem to get to low $300s.

Have you looked at Subaru?

You can get high 2s low 3s in a decently optioned Equinox provided you’re not looking for a loaded up Premier.

Take a look at Mazda CX-5, Touring and Grand Touring are nicely equipped and both fit under $300 with $0 das.

Touring, I’d agree with. Grand Touring, with 0 DAS, that is going to be a tough get at less than 300/mo all in.

Tough, but doable. Got the GT with roof rails for $295. I still think there was some money left on the table, but I was OK with the monthly.

This month? Did you qualify for loyalty? What tax rate/locale?

What was the MSRP on your CX5? Did you have the premium package? I am at 312.00 sign and drive 0 due at signing on a 32795.00 CX5…I dont think there is another dollar to be saved…Curious what region you are in…I am in FL

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$312 OTD is still a good deal on a CX5, that generally isn’t known for phenomenal lease deals.

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If you have comp lease you can still get a Terrain in the low to mid 200s.

So strange thing…Deal was on the table last saturday…End of month…end of quarter…I was going on vacation and had no way of taking delivery. Hope they still honor it this week.

You’d better hope programs didn’t change, or changed for the better. If they did change for the worse, don’t hold your breath.

You are right, I had $750 loyalty . But if you take away the rails still close to $300.

June, LA, 9.75% I believe.

Programs did not change at all…But still holding my breath…Lol

It’s $31,040. $312 sounds like a solid deal.

ahhhh…that’s how you got under 300…that’s an extra 21/mo savings, and knew there was a catch. :slightly_smiling_face: Solid deal though.

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Thanks…I wish I had a incentive or rebate to help out but no such luck.In my experience the spread in quotes is unbelievable. About 70.00 spread from highest to lowest.

That is a phenomenal price on that CX-5. I shopped my entire state and couldn’t find anything close to that (but I was looking for 15k miles). Because they don’t lease all that well, I ended up getting a vehicle 20k more MSRP for cheaper. Go figure.

Do tell…out of curiosity what did you end up with?

What about the Rogue?