Credit Unions or Alternatives to Mercedes-Benz Finance?


Does anyone have any leads on a credit union, bank, other 3rd party, etc. that can provide better rates than Mercedes-Benz financial? I’m looking to lease a new 2019 MB but want to see if I can get a better rate somewhere else…thanks in advance

Question about lease financing

Credit Union of Southern California does does it and I leased through them with better rates than USBank and Chrysler Capital. They use a third party solution called Cu Xpress ( I guess Cu Xpress does stuff other than the funding). I am not sure you can personally apply for it though, my dealer offered it and thats how I got to know. I was told I will be making payments to SoCal Cu and they made me a member at signing.

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Not only do you have to find a credit union, you have to find a dealer that participates with that credit union. You can’t just lease through a CU once you find one that leases.

@RVguy is the man in this regard. Search the forums for his posts.


I’ve never seen anything lease a new MB from anyone but MBFS. MBFS incentizes most their leases, so I don’t think any 3rd party bothers l to compete with them.


as far as i know MB is only lease through MBFS. I know for a fact that Credit Union of Southern California is the only CU that leases cars in SoCal and they do not lease MB, Lexus, BMW.


Are there any credit unions that lease in northern CA?


Wondering they do not lease with Mercedes because they cannot beat their deals or because Mercedes dealers are not allowed to ? If it is the former, it makes sense to ask them to check.