Credit card Hackr (sign on bonus, maximizing points/miles tips and tricks)

I just got an Ink Business Cash but they gave me a paltry credit line - must be approaching my aggregate limit with them.


you should lower the limit of cards you don’t use to the minimum before applying. i have to do that pretty much every time i get a new chase card now

Yeah, I did that a year and a half ago when i got my Chase Sapphire again, didn’t bother with it this time. I’m close to 5/24 so it will be awhile before I get another Chase card.

Call Chase and ask them to move credit around. Personal and business pools are separate, but you can reallocate within the same pool — e.g. I have “business” cards in my personal pool, they can tell you what’s-what, easily to differentiate in your business online account if they are linked. Takes 5 minutes.

Just got this one as well. Was going low on UR after Xmas AF in J to Europe and LX in J via LM on the way back. Wish there were better redemption options Spain and the UK as next long haul trips are heading there

Separately, AF lost all our stuff for 2 days and reimbursed the full 1700$ per person, which was a nice bonus, in addition to EU261 600€ each for our original delay. Thank EU legislation for both.

Did you have to submit receipts or just blanket payout?

Receipts… was a ski trip and our ski bags went missing

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Can you expand on this please.

Sure. What’s your question?

I have 2 chase personal cards with 30k limit between two. My chase business is only 5k limit, so I’d love to reduce my personal limit to increase my business one. It seemed like you said there is no way to move credit between personal and business, but then at the same time it looks like you said there is a way?

The easiest way to visualize the difference is in the Chase app, if you have your business and personal accounts linked.

You can open a “Business” card under your “personal” account, and it shows up on your personal credit report, and it shares the available credit with your “Personal” credit pool. I currently have one of those, in the past I think I peaked at 3.

You can open up a Business card under your business, where you are the Personal Guarantor, but it doesn’t show on your credit report. That’s a different pool of available credit.

You can move available credit around within the same pool, but not between pools. If you have a Business Banker, they can usually help with increasing your credit line if needed. They can also help linking your accounts.

I don’t make any personal purchases on the “Business” cards, irrespective of what pool they live in. Because personal accounts are visible to linked Business account logins, in Quickbooks/Freshbooks/Concur (wherever you download your transactions) you pick and choose which cards are business cards, and download them through the same connection.

Got it. Thank you!

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some offers don’t have the lifetime limit language in them.

If one is into churning CCs to get the SUBs and they don’t actually need to separate business purchases from personal, it does not matter if they comingle purchases. One can put whatever purchases on whatever card until they hit the MSR, then move on to the next cc. Great way to build points. And with biz cards like you say, no hit to one’s FICO.

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